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3 Oct 2005 Free Online MathWorks Seminar: Mass Spectrometry Data Pre-Processing and Analysis using MATLABĀ®

This webinar demonstrates the benefits of using MATLAB for SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry pre-proces...

chemometrics 145 1
11 Nov 2002 JOELib

JOELib can be used for descriptor calculation, loading chemical structures and JCAMP-DX spectra f...

chemometrics 36 1
7 Apr 2000 Water and Steam, Thermophysical Properties for MATLAB - Functions for calculating thermodynamic properties using IAPWs equations

Water and Steam, Thermophysical Properties for MATLAB is a suite of
functions used to calculate t...

chemometrics 292 1
7 Apr 2000 PLS_Toolbox Version 3.5 - Advanced chemometrics

The PLS_Toolbox Version 3.5 is a collection of advanced chemometric routines, i.e., tools designe...

chemometrics 550 1
23 Nov 1999 Chemistry Toy Box

We present a simple chemical algebra, implemented with some of the object-oriented features of MA...

chemometrics 77 1
3 Jul 1999 Multivariate Curve Resolution

Definition: Group of techniques which intend the recovery of response profiles (spectra, pH profi...

chemometrics 299 1
30 Jun 1999 N-way Toolbox

The N-way Toolbox holds most of the tools for analysis of multi-way data. Algorithms for PARAFAC,...

chemometrics, measurement, optimization, test 90 1

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