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9 Sep 2014 MATLAB & SQLite

A MEX-DLL to access SQLite Databases from MATLAB. Includes Binaries for Windows and Source Code....

database, sqlite, linux 4176 6
4.3 | 4 ratings
4 Apr 2013 Table utilities

Utilities for acting on tables of data, that are agnostic to the implementation (dataset or struct)

data explor..., table, data export, data import, database 66 3
5.0 | 1 rating
10 Aug 2012 Scientific File Repository Toolbox

Used to access scientific data from a variety of different file-formats using standardized syntax.

data manage..., database, doble, file format, storage 112 1
5 Jul 2012 MySQL Connector: mYm

mYm is a Matlab interface to MySQL server. It is based on the original 'MySQL and Matlab' by Robe...

database 2036 4
4.0 | 2 ratings
2 Jul 2009 Analyzing Test Data from a Worldwide Fleet of Fuel Cell Vehicles at Daimler AG

Algorithms translate drive files into reports on vehicle performance and refueling infrastructure

article, automotive, database, mapping, paper 75 1
23 Oct 2003 MathWorks - Database Toolbox

This toolbox enables you to exchange data between MATLAB and any ODBC/JBDC-compliant database. Th...

database, economics, finance 132 1

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