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3 Dec 2014 Developing Motion Analysis Algorithms for Medical, Sports, and Occupational Safety Applications

Developing Motion Analysis Algorithms

data visual..., dorsavi live, matlab algo..., motion anal..., signal proc... 13 1
2 Oct 2014 A cross wavelet and wavelet coherence toolbox

A widely used open-source wavelet coherence toolbox for matlab

continuous..., cwt, morlet, wavelet, wavelet coh... 56 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Oct 2014 Crosswavelet and Wavelet Coherence

This package for performing crosswavelet and wavelet coherence analysis is free for non-profit use.

Contributed by: Ryan
coherence, crosswavelet, cwt, grinsted, wavelet 115 1
5.0 | 1 rating
9 Nov 2012 Exact wavelets on the ball

routines for fast wavelet analysis of signals on the ball using the Flaglet transform (ArXiv | DOI)

flag, library, s2let, ssht, wavelet 17 1
30 Sep 2011 ECG Feature extraction using PCA

the code demonstrates 12-lead simultaneously aquired ECG signal and feature Extraction.

pca, ecg, qrs complex..., wavelet 828 1
30 Nov 2010 Matlab code for adapting a wavelet pyramid to natural images

Olshausen BA, Sallee P, Lewicki MS (2001).

wavelet, sparse 148 1
7 Jan 2010 Gabor/Morlet wavelet filters decompose a signal into its component frequencies

This Time Frequency Analysis software decomposes a signal localizing in time.

time-frequency, wavelet 525 1
31 Dec 2008 MATLAB Projects at Google Code

Find MATLAB Code can be found in projects at Google Code...

utilities, wavelet 986 1

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