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18 May 2010 Proposal For a Vision-Based Cell Morphology Analysis System”

Master Thesis in Information Coding at Linköping Institute of Technology by Jaime González García

biology, blog, edge-detection, image proce..., marked wate... 185 2
28 Sep 2010 The Parallel Worm Tracker: A Platform for Measuring Average Speed and Drug-Induced Paralysis in Nematodes

Automated tracking system to quantify the locomotion of multiple individual worms in parallel.

biology, image proce... 49 1
19 Jan 2010 LucidDraw: Efficiently visualizing complex biochemical networks within MATLAB

Press release overviews application by Sheng HeJuan MeiGuiyang ShiZhengxiang WangWeijiang Li

biochem, biology, networks, visualization 118 1
6 Jul 2009 MATLAB in Computational Biology

Life science researchers adopt the tools and methods of the engineering community.

article, biology, computational, human genome, life 75 1
5 Sep 2008 MATLAB Programs for Modeling and Simulation in Medicine and the Life Sciences and Population Mathematics

1 Population Dynamics
1.1 Population Numbers; 1.2 Epidemics; 1.3 Genetics; 1.4 Biogeogra...

academic, biology, curricula, life sciences, medicine 270 1

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