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18 Mar 2014 IMAT | Interface between MATLAB, Analysis, and Test

I-DEAS Master Series™ is one of the world's most widely-used
mechanical design automation systems..

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5 Nov 2006 Using MATLAB with UDP

MATLAB supports UDP communication through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This web page describes...

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30 Oct 2006 Using MATLAB with RS-232 serial devices

MATLAB supports serial communication through the Instrument Control Toolbox.
This web page descri...

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26 Oct 2006 Using MATLAB with TCP/IP

MATLAB supports TCP/IP communication through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This web page descr...

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29 Aug 2006 MASIFIRE - Map Based Simulation of Fires in Forest-Urban Environment

MASIFIRE is a software for Map based Simulation of Fires in Forest-Urban Environment. The fire sp...

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26 Aug 2006 SIGMA - A SWAN Graphical Interface in MATLAB®

SIGMA is a MATLAB® user interface. The program has several purposes: Provide a graphical interfac...

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26 Nov 2005 PyMat

PyMat - Python to MATLAB Interface...

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26 Nov 2005 mlabwrap

A high-level python to Matlab bridge. Let's matlab look like a normal python library....

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3 Sep 2005 MSP

MSP allows you to use MATLAB commands in JSP pages. Beginner users does not need to know about JS...

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15 Jun 2005 Running MATLAB jobs on the Grid

Setting up MCR on Grid computer: Compiling Example MATLAB Application.
For this example, we will ...

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8 Jun 2005 SciCraft

SciCraft is a powerful open source data analysis software with an easy-to-use graphical user inte...

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8 Jun 2005 How to use MATLAB with Xgrid

It is possible to use MATLAB with Xgrid. Until recently, every time I tried this, MATLAB either f...

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2 Jun 2005 8 SWIG and Perl5

Building Perl Extensions under Windows 95/NT; Modules, packages, and classes
Basic Perl interface...

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28 Jul 2004 Using MATLAB Add-in for MS Visual Studio 6

How to Use the MATLAB Add-in for MSVC++ 6. The project calculates the convolution of two vectors,...

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10 Dec 2003 MATLAB MEX-files

This article shows you how to create MATLAB MEX-files for improving speed of MATLAB when executin...

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10 Dec 2003 MATLAB Engine API

Using MATLAB Engine API to control MATLAB....

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10 Dec 2003 Solving Engineering Problems Using MATLAB C++ Math Library

Using MATLAB C++ Math Library to solve engineering problems....

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16 Nov 2000 MathWorks - Instrument Control Toolbox

Provides features for communicating with data acquisition devices and instruments, such as spectr...

external in..., measurement, test 175 1
25 Apr 2000 M2F - Interface between MATLAB and FIX

M2F establishes a data exchange link between the FIX32/iFIX and
MATLAB/Simulink environments. M2F...

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11 Apr 2000 Ptolemy Simulation Engine

Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy is a full simulation suite and co...

academic, controls, curricula, electrical..., engineering 82 1
4 Sep 1999 TMath

The TMath package is an extension to Tcl that allows Tcl to control MATLAB [Han96] and Mathematic...

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15 Jul 1999 JMatLink

JMatLink connects Java and MATLAB. Java applications can take advantage of the powerful

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9 Jul 1999 MEXEPS

The MATLAB MEX-function, MEXEPS, is an interface between MATLAB and EPIC System including many ot...

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9 Jul 1999 NAGWare Gateway Generator

The NAGWare Gateway Generator (NGG) produces an interface that seamlessly integrates Fortran subp...

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7 Jul 1999 idl2mat

idl2mat is a package to enable communication from IDL (interactive data language) to MATLAB. It c...

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23 Mar 1996 MEXNC

MexCDF is a mex-file interface between NetCDF and MATLAB that invokes the complete C-Language Net...

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