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28 Dec 2012 Agilent 33509B Waveform Generator software applications

Create ideal and non-ideal baseband signals for 33509B waveform generators using MATLAB software

33509b, 33509b soft... 4 1
5.0 | 1 rating
19 Oct 2012 Agilent 33522b Waveform Generator software applications

Generate a baseband signal, analyze that signal, and download it to Agilent generators using MATLAB

33500, 33509b, 33510b, 33511b, 33512b 101 1
22 Dec 2010 Using Agilent 3352x Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator from MATLAB

Agilent 3352x Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Instrument Driver

33521a, 33509b, 33510b, 33511b, 33512b 382 1

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