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8 Aug 2013 M8190A Waveform Generator Software - MATLAB and IQTools video

Video to learn how to generate arbitrary waveforms using MATLAB software for the Agilent M8190a AWG

Contributed by: Thomas
Updated by: Thomas
agilent sof..., m8190a, m8192a 156 1
5.0 | 1 rating
17 Dec 2013 Agilent RTSA – Real-Time Spectrum Recorder and Analyzer Application

The Agilent -RTR Real-Time Spectrum Recorder and Analyzer Application option - details below

Contributed by: Ricky
agilent rtsa, agilent sof..., keysight, rtsa 41 1
8 Aug 2012 Agilent Instrument Software and Examples

This resource page contains MATLAB examples other resources to use MATLAB with Agilent instruments.

Updated by: Ricky
signal gene..., agilent axie, agilent pxi, agilent sof..., agilent sof... 244 2
6 Aug 2012 Summary - Why use MATLAB software with Agilent Instruments?

Watch this video and learn the benefits of using MATLAB software with Agilent instruments.

Contributed by: Ricky
agilent agi..., agilent sof..., keysight, m9380a, m9381a 40 1
6 Aug 2012 Agilent spectrum analyzers, signal generators, and oscilloscopes – overview video

Watch this video for an overview of Agilent signal analyzers, generators, PXI modular hardware, etc.

Contributed by: Ricky
agilent agi..., agilent ins..., agilent sof..., agilent video, keysight 44 1
6 Aug 2012 Waveform generation and amplitude correction with Agilent signal generators

Watch this video and learn how to apply amplitude correction to Agilent signal generator signals

Contributed by: Ricky
agilent sof..., amplitude c..., arbitrary w..., i and q mod..., i/q data 84 1
10 Jul 2012 IQ Data Capture from Agilent Signal Analyzer - Video

Watch this video and learn how to acquire live IQ data from an Agilent signal analyzer using MATLAB

Contributed by: Ricky
agilent cxa, agilent mxa, agilent psa, agilent pxa, agilent sof... 368 1

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