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22 Feb 2011 HCRF library (including CRF and LDCRF)

C++, Matlab and Python library for Hidden-state Conditional Random Fields.

algorithms, information..., library 311 1
20 May 2010 MATLAB code on

Algorito lets you share algorithm implementations in various languages, including MATLAB.

algorithms, code 44 0
29 Jun 2009 Developing a Motion-Stereo Parking Assistant at BMW

BMW developed a motion-stereo system to construct a 3-D model of area around the car from 2-D images

kalman filter, 2d, 3d, algorithms, alorithms 259 1
19 Aug 2004 KVL - Algorithms and source code

MATLAB algorithms source code downloads. Includes several toolboxes such as iToolbox, DTW & COW, ...

algorithms, data struct... 164 1
20 Mar 1998 Matrix Computation Toolbox

The Matrix Computation Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB M-files containing functions for constru...

algorithms, data struct... 41 1

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