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31 Dec 2009 vector-ga: A Vectorized Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm in Matlab

"VectorGA is a vectorized implementation of a genetic algorithm in the Matlab programming languag...

matlab code..., biotechnology 529 2
5.0 | 1 rating
10 Apr 2008 MATLAB for Biotechnology

Researchers throughout the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical industries use MATLAB® for ...

biotechnology, engineering, medical, research 113 1
21 Jan 2008 Systems Biology Toolbox 2 for MATLAB

The Systems Biology Toolbox 2 for MATLAB offers systems biologists a powerful, open, and user ext...

biotechnology 170 1
27 Mar 2007 gfit: model-based analysis of experimental data

With gfit one can create a model for virtually any type of system using minimal amount of compute...

biotechnology 24 1
24 Mar 2007 PGEToolbox - Population Genetics and Evolution Toolbox

PGEToolbox is a Matlab-based software package for analysis of polymorphism and divergence data fo...

biotechnology 62 1
12 Mar 2007 MathWorks Computational Biology Conference

Pharmaceutical R&D is becoming increasingly dependent on efficient computational methods. Isolati...

biotechnology 3 1
31 Aug 2005 Systems Biology Toolbox

The Systems Biology Toolbox for MATLAB offers systems biologists an open and extensible environme...

biotechnology 107 1
15 Jun 2005 BSTLab: A MATLAB Toolbox for Biochemical Systems Theory

To facilitate wider application of Biochemical Systems Theory (BST), we have begun development of...

biotechnology 90 1
23 Feb 2005 SBML plugin

BML diagram type can be used for model simulation using MATLAB plug-in. The plugin will generate ...

biotechnology 17 1
2 Feb 2005 SpectroFish – a tool for visualizing periodicity and relative nucleotide content in DNA.

SpectroFish is a genomic DNA sequence visualization tool. SpectroFish shows various periodicitie...

biotechnology 38 1
15 Sep 2004 PhylLab

PHYLLAB is a MATLAB toolbox for sequence manipulation and phylogenetic analysis. PHYLLAB takes as...

biotechnology 42 1
30 Apr 2004 MatArray Toolbox

A MATLAB toolbox with the most common functions used in microarray analysis, mainly normalization...

biotechnology 75 1
30 Apr 2004 MathWorks - Bioinformatics Toolbox

The Bioinformatics Toolbox offers computational molecular biologists and other research scientist...

biotechnology 81 1
18 Apr 2000 MathWorks - MATLAB News & Notes

Helping to optimize the use of MATLAB, Simulink, and their associated toolboxes and blocksets, MA...

biotechnology, blogs, distributed, newsletters, parallel 38 1

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