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3 Dec 2007 Research&Study Forum(研学论坛)

MATLAB Application in Science and Technology....

people 17 1

Varios types of subjetcs will be able to download in this link, from numerical analysis, passing ...

people 19 1
15 May 2006 geodesy matlab code JR Clynch

A set of matlab about 100 routines covering topics of Atmospheric Propagation Geodesy, Math, ...

people 52 1
5 Apr 2006 Matlab Programming

this link giving real time experienced programmes. which r very useful for new
coming people....

people 22 1
10 Feb 2006 DSK Author's page (Russian)

Author's articles concerning Simulink and SimPowerSystems solutions. SimPowerSystems Help by russ...

people 22 1
3 Oct 2005 Non-Linear Optimization Codes

Some Educational Optimization Codes from very beginning to advanced, Including Bisection and Seca...

people 228 1
15 Jun 2005 Tamara G. Kolda

Tamara G. Kolda (aka Tammy Kolda) has been with the Computational Sciences and Mathematics Resear...

people 17 1
30 Mar 2005 Víctor Domínguez homepage

Victor Domínguez is assistant Professor in the Public University of Navarre, Spain. Department of...

people 3 1
10 Sep 2004 Roy's MATLAB Resource

A large source of code, in particular that of graphical user interfaces and image processing. The...

people 27 1
8 Aug 2004 MATLAB for Men

The aim of this site is to help MATLAB users to share their knowledge and find their answers quic...

people 9 1
3 Mar 2004 Matt Kawski's Personal MATLAB Resource

This page provides various m-files for use in calculus, ODEs, linear algebra, PDEs, visualization...

academic, curricula, mathematics, people 28 1
3 Mar 2004 David Carey's MATLAB Page

I have used MATLAB to find the energy levels of rare earth ions in different coordinations using ...

people 20 1
11 May 2000 MATLAB Ring

The webring helping MATLAB and The MathWorks related web sites to exchange visitors...

people 9 1
14 Oct 1998 Matlab References

WWW References, Tutorials and Introductions....

people, physics, tutorials 53 1

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