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6 Nov 2012 知的制御システム[Intelligent Control System]


Contributed by: Yoshio
academic, control design, modeling, simulation, simulink 35 1
9 May 2012 画像認識


article, image proce... 15 1
6 Nov 2012 画像処理特論[Advanced Topics in Image Processing]


Contributed by: Yoshio
academic, country jp, course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 85 1
13 Jun 2014 画像処理回路のASIC実装へ向けた、HDL Coder適用事例

ルネサスシステムデザイン社がHDL Coderを利用してASIC向け画像処理IP開発を適用したユーザ事例

asic, fpga, hdl coder, user story 24 0
10 Nov 2011 画像処理 [Image Processing]

MATLABとImage Processing Toolboxを用いた画像処理
Image Processing with MATLAB and Image Processing Toolbox

Contributed by: Yoshio
downloadabl..., academic, country jp, course mate..., electrical... 64 1
9 May 2012 画像 アルゴリズム

画像 アルゴリズムという用語の解説および関連する参考例やビデオを紹介するページです。

article, image proce... 9 1
19 Dec 2012 現代マクロ経済学講義

動学的一般均衡モデル(Dynamic General Equilibrium Models: DGE model)のMatlab codeおよびマニュアル

academic, business ec..., computation..., country jp, downloadabl... 20 1
23 Sep 2013 機械学習


article, data explor..., mathematics, matrix, modeling 9 0
25 Dec 2012 心理学実験Matlab 虎の巻

心理物理学実験のために開発されたPsychophysics Toolboxを活用して,心理学実験を行う方法を紹介

academic, country jp, downloadabl..., image and v..., language ja... 157 1
24 Sep 2012 周波数解析


article, signal proc... 18 0
9 May 2012 動画処理


article, image proce... 22 1
9 May 2012 動体検出


article, image proce... 22 1
16 Jan 2011 プロセス制御工学 [Process Control Engineering, Japanese]

化学プロセスの動特性と伝達関数での表現法、PIDを主とした制御系設計法 Dynamics and control of chemical processes

chemical en..., course mate..., downloadabl..., resource, academic 113 1
24 Sep 2012 フーリエ変換


article, signal proc... 4 0
23 Sep 2013 ビッグデータ解析とMATLAB


article, data explor..., distributed 14 1
24 Sep 2012 ディジタルフィルター


article, signal proc... 3 0
6 Nov 2012 システム制御工学[System Control Engineering]


Contributed by: Yoshio
academic, control sys..., country jp, course mate..., electrical... 38 1
18 Jun 2012 これから始めるSimulink入門


Contributed by: Yuko Shibata
control design, simulation 99 1
15 Dec 2009 ‚Embedded Control Systems‘ – Ein Kurs der University of Michigan

Ein unter der Führung von Ingenieuren aus Detroit entwickelter Kurs lehrt Model-Based Design

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academia, algorithm, code genera..., control sys..., controls te... 46 1
20 May 2013 Русскоязычный ресурс про MATLAB и Simulink.

Анонсы семинаров и вебинаров, инженерные блоги и видеозаписи вебинаров.

durbin–watson, matlab, russia, simulink, softline 81 1
5.0 | 1 rating
19 Feb 2013 xfemm - interface to C++ magnetics FEA

Interface to a C++ meshing, solving and post-prcessing magnetics FEA code based on FEMM.

fea, femm, finite element, magnetics, simulaton 72 1
31 Mar 2011 windandmrug: Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip

A blog post by Daniel Vaca - modeling how many keys would you have to try to open a door

Contributed by: Helen Chen
blog, modeling, probability 32 1
7 Jun 2011 voice morphing

Voice morphing is the process of producing intermediate bw the utterances of 2 speakers.

Contributed by: Mridula
voice morphing 229 0
11 Feb 2012 visualization tips for geoscientists in MATLAB

Second in my blog series on visualization of geoscience data

data, geophysics, geoscience, visualization 80 0
13 Dec 2014 virtual mouse using hand gesture recognition

virtual mouse using hand gesture recognition

Contributed by: yasiru
gesture, hand gesture, virtual mouse, great work...., mouse 3114 68
4.4 | 17 ratings
31 Dec 2009 vector-ga: A Vectorized Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm in Matlab

"VectorGA is a vectorized implementation of a genetic algorithm in the Matlab programming languag...

matlab code..., biotechnology 526 2
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Jan 2001 ve-DYNA® - Vehicle dynamics DYNA®ware

ve-DYNA allows real-time capable model simulation to test controls and components in a virtual ve...

automotive 108 1
10 Dec 2010 uisplittool & uitogglesplittool

uisplittool presents a simple drop-down, whereas uitogglesplittool presents a drop-down

matlab 36 1
4 May 2004 teximage - Displays a LaTeX string as an image

This function will convert LaTeX strings into images and display them in figures....

latex, utilities 87 1
7 Sep 2005 testingsolutions - MATLAB Solutions and Consulting

testingsolutions has an outstanding experience in the field of data processing, data analysis and...

measurement, test 6 1
8 May 2006 speech processing using matlab

Brief demonstration of various speech processing techniques using MATLAB

tutorials 1080 1
20 Nov 2006 simulation with simulink

this is an introduction in arabic for the simulink and how to make the simulation for any systems...

controls, modeling, systems 28 1
23 Jun 2010 simEngine - a faster and easier way to solve ODEs

Information on simEngine, a MATLAB toolbox to accelerate ODE simulation using GPUs

gpu, modeling, neural, ode, simulation 214 1
5.0 | 1 rating
21 Jan 2010 signal processing

very useful and interesting

Contributed by: ronen
signal proc... 118 0
12 Feb 2010 sigTOOL

sigTOOL provides a programming and analysis environment for processing biological data

biotech, data explor..., data export, data import, gui 380 1
24 Apr 2013 sidelobe

sidelobe cancellation in radars

Contributed by: VINODHINI
signal proc... 40 0
14 Apr 2010 shortcut to learn Matlab. Tutorial Matlab for beginner. Learn Matlab from the basic

This site contain information about how to use Matlab from the basic.

Contributed by: saiful
basic tutorial, data explor..., matrix, programmin, simulation 1012 0
5.0 | 1 rating
23 Feb 2012 sRD-SIFT : SIFT keypoint detection and matching in images with radial distortion

Binaries with Matlab interface for SIFT invariant to radial distortion.

computer vi..., fish-eye, medical end..., mini-lens, radial dist... 893 1
23 Jan 2014 roller bearing

roller bearing fault analysis

Contributed by: vivek khare
fault vibra... 38 0
4.0 | 1 rating
23 May 2008 robsim - A simple MATLAB simulation for camera based control of mobile robots

This small set of MATLAB m-scripts can be used to learn about camera controlled mobile robots and...

Contributed by: Frank Wornle
controls, modeling, simulation, systems 248 1
16 Aug 2013 retinal blood vessel segmentation using support vector machines

support vector machine is to identify optimal seperating hyperplane

Contributed by: Jeya shree
graphs, image proce..., k means clu..., signal proc..., watershed 169 0
7 Jan 2015 real time static and dynamic hand gesture recognition system

Hand gesture recognition system-to detect static and dynamic gesture and virtual mouse

Updated by: Giulio
can i pleas..., centroid tr..., matlab code, finger tip..., hand gesture 1019 27
4.7 | 15 ratings
13 Apr 2007 quantitative finance matlab code index

collect matlab code and software on quantitative finance...

finance, economics 221 1
17 Oct 2010 papers of power control in cdma systems

simulation in matlab for CDMA systems

cdma, power control, wcdma 118 0
16 Sep 2011 openffw - Open Finite Element Framework in Matlab

The FFW provides different finite element schemes, error estimators, grid generations, ...

Contributed by: David
finite element, education, elasticity, elliptic pr..., fem 263 1
3 Jan 2011 nctoolbox: open source toolkit for accessing common data model datasets

nctoolbox is a Matlab toolbox that provides read-only access to common data model datasets.

data import, netcdf, oceanography, opendap 206 1
22 Sep 2014 mouse controlling

music control by hand gestures

Contributed by: jayaprakash
mouse contr... 49 0
3.0 | 1 rating
9 Nov 2009 modulation-spectrum audio coding in MATLAB

Marios Athineos from LabROSA @ Columbia University shares code and sample sound clips

Contributed by: Helen Chen
modulation, audio, signal proc..., visualization 293 1
28 Feb 2011 mlint.vim

Runs Matlab's mlint program and highlights the code appropriately

Contributed by: Ned Gulley
editor, mlint, vi, vim 51 1
26 Nov 2005 mlabwrap

A high-level python to Matlab bridge. Let's matlab look like a normal python library....

external in... 108 1

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