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20 Nov 2006 simulation with simulink

this is an introduction in arabic for the simulink and how to make the simulation for any systems...

controls, modeling, systems 28 1
23 May 2008 robsim - A simple MATLAB simulation for camera based control of mobile robots

This small set of MATLAB m-scripts can be used to learn about camera controlled mobile robots and...

Contributed by: Frank Wornle
controls, modeling, simulation, systems 248 1
15 Apr 2003 XdTech

Leading manufacturer of control systems laboratory educational products, and MATLAB compatible da...

controls, measurement, modeling, systems, test 1 1
7 Apr 2000 Working Model 2D - Software for motion simulation and analysis of mechanical systems on desktop computers

Working Model 2D is an award-winning motion simulation package that
allows engineers, designers, ...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 251 1
2 Oct 2008 Wiki on Control Systems

This wiki is on control systems theory and implmentation. I work in the Aerospace industry on Me...

controls, modeling, systems 46 1
5 Dec 2012 What Is Simulation?

Watch the video to learn how simulations answer questions.

controls, model-based..., simulation, simulink, system mode... 48 1
21 Jun 2002 Virtual Control Lab 3.1

The VCLab approach integrates plugins and Java applets which use the powerful computational engin...

controls, modeling, systems, tutorials 71 1
18 Dec 2007 Verification, Validation (V and V) and Test in Model-Based Design

Continuous test and verification is a cornerstone of Model-Based Design [

automotive, controls, modeling, simulation, systems 41 1
1 Aug 1999 Using MATLAB, Simulink and Control System Toolbox : A Practical Approach

By Alberto Cavallo, Roberto Setola, Francesco VascaA. A translation of the MATLAB and SIMULINK pr...

books, controls, systems 46 1
5 Feb 2010 Tutorial for Control System Toolbox

Web tutorial on using MATLAB and Control System Toolbox for controller design and LTI analysis

modeling, tutorials, academic, control sys..., controls 405 2
7 Apr 2000 Transient Performance Advisor™ - The master modeling and simulation software

Transient Performance Advisor™ (TPA) provides the user with a wide
variety of pre-defined and val...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 32 1
15 Dec 2009 Third-Party Products: Hands-On Learning with MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink based products provide direct experience in control design and image processing

Contributed by: Linda Webb
algorithm, analog, analog i/o..., clevelabs, code genera... 38 1
24 Dec 2003 The Art of Control Engineering

By Ken Dutton / Steve Thompson & Bill Barraclough, ISBN 0-201-17545-2
This book provides a new an...

books, controls, systems 89 1
24 Dec 2003 The Analysis and Design of Systems Using MATLAB: Control System

By Lou Shuntian & Yu Wei, ISBN 7-5606-0657-1...

books, controls, systems 1 1
1 Jul 2004 TTP-Calibrate - TTP calibration and monitoring tool

TTP-Calibrate is a powerful tool for calibrating and monitoring distributed real-time systems tha...

controls, matlab moni..., modeling, simulation, systems 8 1
24 Dec 2003 Systèmes Asservis

By El-Kébir Boukas, ISBN 2-553-00430-3
Written for a junior or senior level introductory course i...

books, controls, systems 18 1
24 Dec 2003 Systems Modeling and Computer Simulation, 2e

By Naim A. Kheir, ISBN 0-8247-9421-4
Written for the advanced undergraduate, this book has two un...

books, controls, systems 31 1
1 Aug 1999 Systems & Control : An Introduction to Linear, Sampled & Non-Linear Systems

By T. Dougherty. The primary function of this book is to serve as a textbook on linear systems an...

books, controls, systems 12 1
10 Nov 2001 System Identification for Control Using MATLAB

Written in Japanese and designed for the beginner in the area of system identification, this book...

books, controls, systems 14 1
24 Dec 2003 System Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, Simulation, Design

By Ernest O. Doebelin, ISBN 0-8247-0126-7...

books, controls, systems 34 1
24 Dec 2003 System Dynamics and Control

By Eronini Umez-Eronini, ISBN 0-534-94451-5
The objectives of this book are to provide a unified ...

books, controls, systems 63 1
9 Jun 2003 Symbolic Circuit Analysis in MATLAB

A MATLAB program for the generation and symbolic solution of circuit equations starting from a SP...

controls, electronics, modeling, systems 352 1
10 Apr 2005 Study of Linear Matrix Inequalities. A Software Companion. By A. N. Churilov and A. V. Gessen

The book, written in Russian, presents an overview of software for
study of optimization problem...

books, controls, systems 90 1
20 Feb 2004 Specification and Design Methodology for Real-Time Embedded Systems

By Randall S. Janka. Written for researchers and practicing engineers, this book presents a new s...

books, controls, signal proc..., systems 36 1
26 Apr 2002 Specification and Design Methodology for Real-Time Embedded Systems

By Randall S. Janka. ISBN 0-7923-7626-9. Written for researchers and practicing engineers, this b...

books, controls, systems 3 1
1 Aug 1999 Solving Control Engineering Problems With MATLAB

By Katsuhiko Ogata. Ogata harnesses the power of MATLAB™ to provide students with an effective ap...

books, controls, systems 77 1
24 Dec 2003 Sistemi di Controllo Digitale

By C. Bonivento / C. Melchiorri & R. Zanasi, ISBN 88-85040-96-9
Written in Italian, this book is ...

books, controls, systems 26 1
12 Nov 2008 Simulink - 시뮬레이션 및 모델기반설계를 위한 플랫폼

Simulink는 다이나믹 시스템의 멀티도메인 시뮬레이션 및 모델 기반 설계를 위한 플랫폼입니다. Simulink는 대화식 그래픽 환경 및 사용자 정의 가능한 블록 라이브러리...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 31 1
12 Nov 2008 Simulink - 仿真和基于模型的设计

Simulink 是一个用于对动态系统进行多域建模和模型设计的平台。它提供了一个交互式图形环境,以及一个自定义模块库,并可针对特定应用加以扩展。...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 53 1
18 Apr 2000 Simulink & Modeling M-files

Collection of user contributed files from the MATLAB Central File Exchange....

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 41 1
19 Jun 2009 Simulation of Electric Machine and Drive Systems

This package presents computer models of electric machines based on the space vector formulation ...

controls, simulation, modeling, systems 556 1
1 Oct 2001 Self-Learning Control of Finite Markov Chains

Written for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals in the engineering, ...

books, controls, systems 40 1
7 Apr 2000 SaberLink™ Analysis Interface to MATLAB - Interactive analysis interface for circuit simulation

The SaberLink Analysis Interface to MATLAB lets you use the power of
MATLAB 5.0 from within the S...

acoustics, automotive, consulting, controls, electronics 54 1
22 Feb 2000 SOM Toolbox

SOM Toolbox is a free function library for MATLAB 5 implementing the SOM algorithm, visualization...

neural netw..., controls, electronics, modeling, systems 1399 1
7 Apr 2000 SLATE - Product development automation software

SLATE (System Level Automation Tool for Engineers) is computer-aided
engineering groupware for sy...

controls, modeling, simulation, systems 122 1
25 Jun 2013 S-Function Blocks in Simulink

MATLAB tutorial about using S-Function Blocks in Simulink....

controls, modeling, systems, tutorials 486 1
3.0 | 1 rating
12 Sep 2014 Robust Modal Control with a Toolbox for Use with MATLAB

Written for students and practicing control engineers, this book/toolbox
presents classical multi...

Updated by: Yuriy
books, controls, systems 112 2
24 Dec 2003 Robust Industrial Control

By M.J. Grimble, ISBN 0-13-655283-8
This is the first text to provide engineers with access to th...

books, controls, systems 20 1
24 Dec 2003 Robust Control: The Parametric Approach

By S.P. Bhattacharyya / H. Chapellat & L.H. Keel, ISBN 0-13-781576-X
This book contains a unified...

books, controls, systems 35 1
24 Dec 2003 Robust Aeroservoelastic Stability Analysis

By Rick Lind & Marty Brenner, ISBN 1-85233-096-1...

books, controls, systems 24 1
7 Apr 2000 Real-Time Interface RTI - Simulink and RTW interface plus multiprocessor option

dSPACE's Real-Time Interface (RTI) provides the software to completely
integrate dSPACE hardware ...

automotive, controls, embedded, modeling, real time 406 1
24 Dec 2003 Quantitative Feedback Design of Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems

By Oded Yaniv, ISBN 0-7923-8529-2...

books, controls, systems 41 1
6 Jul 2005 Q-Learning by Example

Step by step tutorial on how an agent learns through training without teacher (unsupervised) in u...

controls, modeling, systems, tutorials 3243 1
11 Apr 2000 Ptolemy Simulation Engine

Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy Simulation Engine - Ptolemy is a full simulation suite and co...

academic, controls, curricula, electrical..., engineering 82 1
24 Dec 2003 Programmi MATLAB per Exercitazioni di Elementi di Automatica

By Paolo Bolzern, ISBN 88-214-0678-4
Written in Italian, this book presents a set of programs cal...

books, controls, systems 10 1
15 Dec 2009 Produkte von Drittanbietern: Praxisnahes Lernen mit MATLAB und Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink based products provide direct experience in control design and image processing

Contributed by: Linda Webb
algorithm, analog, analog i/o..., clevelabs, code genera... 20 1
24 Dec 2003 Process Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation

By B. Wayne Bequette, ISBN 0-13-206889-3
This book applies MATLAB and Simulink to the dynamic beh...

books, controls, systems 101 1
24 Dec 2003 Process Control and Identification

By W. Fred Ramirez, ISBN 0-12-577240-8
This text presents the time domain approach to modern proc...

books, controls, systems 26 1
21 Jun 2002 Process Control Class MATLAB files

M-files from Dr. Qammar's process control class....

controls, modeling, systems, tutorials 27 1
1 Oct 2001 Predictive Control with Constraints

Written for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and practicing engineers, this book pr...

books, controls, systems 52 1

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