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15 Apr 2010 Working Analysis Textbook

Calculus textbook by University of Maryland prof Jeffery Cooper shows how to analyze real problems

academic, language en..., mathematics, numerical a..., textbook 47 1
29 Sep 2011 When Zombies Attack!: Mathematical modelling of an outbreak of zombie infection

Article that uses a humorous example (and MATLAB code) to introduce modeling of infectious diseases

fun, academic, biological..., country ca, language en... 831 3
3.5 | 2 ratings
16 Sep 2010 What Every Engineer Should Know About MATLAB and Simulink

Introduction to MATLAB & Simulink with examples from mechanical & electrical engineering

academic, book alert, electrical..., language en..., mechanical... 255 1
7 Jun 2010 Wavelets, Filter Banks and Applications [MIT OpenCourseware]

The course will consist of lectures, homework assignments and a project on a topic related to the...

academic, computation..., electrical..., mathematics, course mate... 508 2
29 Apr 2014 VOICEBOX: Speech Processing Toolbox for MATLAB

MATLAB toolbox for speech processing, coding, synthesis and recognition

academic, downloadabl..., http://www...., signal proc..., speech proc... 4404 2
4.0 | 1 rating
5 Feb 2010 Variable Stability Flight Simulator

Website for a full-size educational and research flight simulator that is based on xPC Target

academic, aerospace e..., control sys..., embedded sy..., language en... 123 1
4 Aug 2011 Using MATLAB to Teach Problem-Solving Techniques to First-Year Liberal Arts Students

MATLAB and an "inverted classroom" help students hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

aerospace e..., academic, biological..., biomedical..., business ec... 88 1
29 Jun 2009 Using MATLAB to Process Large Telemetry Data Sets for Biomechanical Performance Analysis

EquuSys used MATLAB to develop an easy-to-use, non-invasive system to identify equine lameness

algorithm d..., array, article, biomechanic..., biomedical... 92 1
5 Feb 2010 Using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox to develop and analyze financial models

Webinar on using Symbolic Math Toolbox notebook interface (MuPAD) for financial modeling

academic, business ec..., computation..., language en..., mw webinar 105 1
13 Apr 2010 Using Information-Theoretic Statistics in MATLAB to Understand How Ecosystems Affect Regional Climates

University of Illinois researchers explain how climate changes affect the ecosystem

academic, civil and e..., language en..., statistics..., technical l... 129 1
2 Jul 2009 Using Functional Electrical Stimulation to Restore Movement to Individuals with Neuromuscular Disabilities

Researchers developed a device that sends electrical signals to activate paralyzed limbs and muscles

article, biomedical..., case wester..., code genera..., digital sig... 48 1
13 Sep 2012 Understanding Molecular Simulations

Code and course materials for molecular simulations from UC Berkeley.

academic, chemical en..., chemistry, country us, course mate... 187 1
9 Feb 2015 Undergraduate Geoscience: Teaching Data, Simulation and Models with MATLAB

This page links to curriculum, books, case studies, and code for teaching geoscience with MATLAB.

academic, control sys..., country au, country de, country us 26 1
6 Feb 2013 UC Berkeley Math 98: Introduction to MATLAB programming

Intro to MATLAB Programming in the Math Department

academic, country us, course mate..., language en..., mathematics 151 1
13 Sep 2012 UAV Design, Build, Simulate, Test & Fly Lab

UAV design and simulation materials from University of Minnesota

academic, aerospace e..., control sys..., country us, course mate... 520 1
5 Feb 2010 Tutorial for Control System Toolbox

Web tutorial on using MATLAB and Control System Toolbox for controller design and LTI analysis

modeling, tutorials, academic, control sys..., controls 407 2
6 Jan 2010 Tools for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Research

Book chapter on MATLAB toolboxes for real-time acquisition and analysis of EEG/MEG data

academic, biological..., biomedical..., language en..., measurement... 435 1
12 Apr 2013 The Miniature Segway: A low-cost mobile lab experiment kit for education

The Miniature Segway includes Simulink SFunctions, Diagrams, and Supporting Libraries.

academic, computer sc..., control sys..., country us, course mate... 181 1
5 Mar 2014 The Hybrid Simulation Blog

Guidelines, hints, and examples for the use (and misuse) of the Hybrid Equations (HyEQ) Toolbox.

academic, computer sc..., control sys..., country us, downloadabl... 24 1
15 Jun 2012 TFOCS

Templates for First-Order Conic Solvers

academic, country us, downloadabl..., language en..., mathematics 93 1
8 Oct 2009 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Takes Prize in Robot Soccer Competition Using MATLAB and Simulink

In only its third year of competition, the TU/e team placed second in the RoboCup championship

academic, ai, algorithm, article, artificial... 105 1
2 Feb 2010 Technical Computing on Campus: A Curriculum View

Recorded webinar on the role of technical computing in engineering, & how best to introduce it

academic, aerospace e..., all departm..., biological..., biomedical... 30 1
31 Jul 2012 Teaching System Dynamics with Arduino, MATLAB, and Simulink Courseware

Course materials by Robert Webster at Vanderbilt Univ. & Jenna Gorlewicz at Southern Illinois Univ.

country us, academic, course mate..., downloadabl..., dynamics ar... 226 1
11 Apr 2014 Teaching PK/PD and Mechanistic Modeling using MATLAB and SimBiology

Webinar on using MATLAB/SimBiology to teach PKPD and mechanistic modeling using tumor growth model

academic, biological..., chemical en..., computation..., country us 24 1
22 Mar 2013 Teaching Physics with MATLAB: Simulations and Experiments

Dr. Marie Lopez del Puerto describes ways to expose students to computational physics.

academic, computation..., country us, language en..., physics 84 1
6 Jul 2009 Teaching Medical Instrumentation at the University of Washington

Students at the University of Washington use MATLABĀ®

academic, article, biological..., biomedical..., curriculum 68 1
27 Mar 2012 Teaching Image Processing to Lower-Level Undergraduate Students at Vanderbilt University

An introductory Image Processing course integrated with MATLAB and Image Processing toolbox

academic, country us, course mate..., downloadabl..., electrical... 171 1
14 Jul 2009 Teaching Digital Communication Theory with Simulink at Brigham Young University

Students use MATLAB and Simulink to design and test digital modems and communication systems

pll, digital com..., simulation, academic, article 537 1
29 Jun 2009 TCP/IP Communication for Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Using a thermal model as an example, this article describes a method for communicating with other de

article, electrical..., embedded sy..., embedded sy..., hardware 256 1
17 Apr 2014 Systems Biology

SimBiology and MATLAB tutorials, homeworks, and example code of Systems Biology course

academic, biological..., biomedical..., computation..., control sys... 86 1
22 Apr 2013 SynGrasp

MATLAB Toolbox for Underactuated Robotic Grasping

academic, computer sc..., country us, denavitt, downloadabl... 67 1
9 Apr 2010 Syllabus: Introduction to Robotics

Lecture notes and assignments on this introduction to robotics course using MATLAB and Simulink

academic, course mate..., downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 390 2
12 Apr 2010 Sustained Analysis Across Engineering Curriculum Using Same Software site

Shows how a MATLAB can be used to solve problems in many areas of Mechanical Engineering

academic, downloadabl..., language en..., mechanical..., statistics... 18 1
28 Oct 2013 SUGAR

A Simulation Tool for MEMS Devices

academic, country us, downloadabl..., electrical..., language en... 61 1
24 Nov 2009 Structure and Interpretation of Signals & Systems

Covers mathematical modeling techniques in signal processing; includes lectures & online textbook

academic, biomedical..., course mate..., digital sig..., electrical... 301 1
19 Jun 2009 Statistics for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Graduate course in statistical methods in earth sciences (correlations, regressions, bootstrap, etc)

downloadabl..., academic, course mate..., earth atmos..., language en... 268 1
14 Feb 2014 Statistics and Data Analysis in MATLAB

Lecture slides, lecture videos, homework exercises, etc.

academic, biological..., biomedical..., computation..., country us 234 1
9 Apr 2010 Statistical Signal Processing Course

Materials and videos of lectures from undergraduate course by Prof. Mark Wickert

academic, digital sig..., electrical..., language en..., video 401 1
8 Apr 2010 Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling

Textbook by Georgia Tech prof with good revus on Amazon & has associated MATLAB files available.

academic, digital sig..., electrical..., language en..., textbook 119 1
15 Jun 2012 Spot

A Linear-Operator Toolbox

academic, computer sc..., country us, digital sig..., downloadabl... 17 1
4 Feb 2010 Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Workshop

Course on application of orthogonal function and singular spectrum analysis, with MATLAB homeworks

language en..., statistics..., academic, course mate..., downloadabl... 377 1
1 Oct 2010 Solving Large-Scale Linear Algebra Problems Using SPMD and Distributed Arrays

Using distributed arrays & PCT's SPMD construct to solve large linear algebra problems.

computation..., distributed..., distributed..., explicit pa..., high-perfor... 51 0
29 Mar 2010 Solving for the Exit Flow of a Supersonic Nozzle

Good example showing how to perform gas dynamic calculations in MATLAB.

academic, aerospace e..., computation..., course mate..., language en... 354 1
18 Jun 2013 Software Carpentry: Programming in MATLAB

Software Carpentry is an online video training program directed towards engineers and researchers.

academic, aerospace e..., biological..., biomedical..., business ec... 110 1
9 Mar 2010 Simulink models and demo hardware for control design (from B & R Automation)

Simulink models for Airball and Reaction Wheel Pendulum systems

academic, downloadabl..., language en..., mechanical..., resource 313 1
9 Jun 2014 Simulink Library for Natural Interaction Device (NID)

Simulink library for working with Natural Interaction devices such as Kinect and Asus Xtion

academic, computer sc..., country jp, country us, downloadabl... 110 2
21 Jul 2011 Simulink Communication Labs (for Simulink version 2.1, R10)

Tutorial Simulink models for communication systems such as AM, DSB-SC, FM, PLL, and PCM

downloadabl..., communicati..., academic, electrical..., language en... 1020 1
21 Mar 2011 Simulating Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus Technology at the University of Delaware

University of Delaware: Powertrain Design Optimization of a Fuel Cell driven Bus using Simulink

academic, cell voltag..., data analysis, fchb, fchb powert... 173 1
22 Apr 2014 SimBiology for Pharmacokinetic/Phamacodynamic and Mechanistic Modeling

SimBiology tutorial for PK/PD modeling: model building, simulation, and parameter estimation

academic, biological..., computation..., country us, course mate... 19 1
2 May 2008 Signal Processing Labs Based on DSP First Labs

Series of labs showing how to synthesize music with Simulink and then target a TI C6000 DSK

academic, electrical..., course mate..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 274 1

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