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6 Nov 2012 知的制御システム[Intelligent Control System]


academic, control design, modeling, simulation, simulink 35 1
16 Jan 2011 プロセス制御工学 [Process Control Engineering, Japanese]

化学プロセスの動特性と伝達関数での表現法、PIDを主とした制御系設計法 Dynamics and control of chemical processes

chemical en..., course mate..., downloadabl..., resource, academic 113 1
20 May 2013 Русскоязычный ресурс про MATLAB и Simulink.

Анонсы семинаров и вебинаров, инженерные блоги и видеозаписи вебинаров.

durbin–watson, matlab, russia, simulink, softline 81 1
5.0 | 1 rating
17 Dec 2012 Wheatstone Bridge Simulation

Wheatstone Bridge Simulink model

circuit, simulink, wheatstone... 95 1
5 Dec 2012 What Is Simulation?

Watch the video to learn how simulations answer questions.

controls, model-based..., simulation, simulink, system mode... 48 1
22 Jun 2010 VRML Interactive Tutorials

Step by step with explanations on how various VRML nodes work.

3d, animation, getting, language, modeling 993 1
5.0 | 1 rating
23 May 2011 VRealm Builder video

Built with Vrealm Builder

3d, animation, reality, simulink, virtual 68 1
22 Jun 2010 Virtual Reality Simulation of Tetrobot Parallel Robot for Medical Applications

International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology

3d, animation, design, kinematics, medical par... 206 1
5.0 | 1 rating
22 Jun 2010 Virtual models of mechanisms in Simulink 3D Animation video

3D visualization in robotics

3d, animation, reality, roboticx, robots 145 1
5.0 | 1 rating
17 Sep 2012 Virtual Model-Based Design with Simulink

Tutorial and lecture on building a Simulink model and its 3D world for a water tank system.

3d, animation, based, design, model- 422 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Sep 2010 Verification of High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Performance at Nujira

Nujira used MathWorks tools to create envelop-tracking technology that can double a PA’s efficiency

rf signal, signal proc..., ate system, automated t..., communicati... 200 1
1 Dec 2009 Vehicle Network Toolbox

Communicate with CAN bus from MATLAB or Simulink

automotive..., can bus, can protocol, data acquis..., in-vehicle... 191 1
23 Jun 2010 V-Realm Builder Documentation in PDF

Documentation link

3d, animation, getting, reality, reference 1543 1
5.0 | 1 rating
7 Jun 2012 Utilisation des outils d’analyse basée sur la suite MATLAB/SIMULINK, par Mr Yves TOCNY, académie de la Guadeloupe

Ressources pédagogiques STI2D avec MATLAB/ Simulink.

academic, académie de..., country fr, course mate..., downloadabl... 65 1
16 Nov 2010 Using Simulink to Solve Ordinary Differential Equations – Part 1

Video from Jake Blanchard's site, Friendly Math

differentia..., simulink 428 1
1 Feb 2012 Using MATLAB, Virtual Reality, and a Treadmill to Investigate How Humans Use Visual Input to Control Their Gait

Understanding the human’s brain vision and locomotion systems.

academic, communicati..., mathematica..., matlab, matlab comp... 80 1
2 Jul 2009 Using Functional Electrical Stimulation to Restore Movement to Individuals with Neuromuscular Disabilities

Researchers developed a device that sends electrical signals to activate paralyzed limbs and muscles

article, biomedical..., case wester..., code genera..., digital sig... 48 1
20 Jul 2012 Using Arduino with Simulink to build control systems (van speed controller)

using Arduino -Simulink to build a (van speed controller),control the speed of a van in such room

arduino, cantrol system, matlab, simulink, speed contr... 210 1
21 Feb 2012 University of Adelaide Undergraduates Design, Build, and Control an Electric Diwheel Using Model-Based Design

A challenging controls project gives many students the skills of seasoned engineers.

academic, code genera..., control design, dspace, embedded sy... 78 1
19 Oct 2013 Unified framework for rapid prototyping of Linux based real-time controllers with Matlab and Simulink

This paper describes how to remotly develop a real-time controller for a robot by Simulink.

aerospace, article, automotive, communications, control design 76 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
23 May 2011 UAV Control with Simulink 3D Animation

UAV Control with Simulink 3D Animation

3d, animation, reality, simulink, uav 314 0
11 Feb 2013 Transpower Ensures Reliability of New Zealand National Grid with Reserve Management Tool

Transpower Ensures Reliability of New Zealand National Grid with Reserve Management Tool

control sys..., control sys..., data analysis, desktop and..., energy prod... 28 1
18 Feb 2010 Transferring Simulink Scope Data to MATLAB

Transfer your Simulink scope data to the MATLAB Workspace

data import, signal proc..., simulation, simulink 2086 1
1 Jan 2014 Tools to Improve your Model Based Development (MBD) Process

StyleCheck and unite are MBD tools which will help improve quality and productivity of models

maab, automotive, dspace, gui, iec 61508 a... 96 0
5.0 | 1 rating
15 Oct 2010 Tips and Tricks - Tracking Variables in a Simulink Model

This article shows how to determine which variables your Simulink model is using, and where

simulink, simulink model,, tracking va..., variables 62 1
5 Mar 2013 Think engines blog by Zilani

MATLAB, Simulink and robotics tutorials

matlab, robotics, simulink 78 1
6 Jul 2009 The Sound of Innovation at Cochlear Limited

Engineers use rapid prototyping to advance cochlear implant technology.

application..., biotech, matlab, modelbased, pharmaceutical 80 1
20 Jan 2014 Test and verification of dynamic safety relevant embedded software, Simulink models using Time Partition Testing.

TPT the model based testing tool enables systematic testing and verification of Simulink Models.

Contributed by: Jens
aerospace, automotive, control design, data explor..., embedded code 79 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
22 Jun 2010 Terminal Area Energy Management phase for ARES vehicle video using Simulink 3D Animation

Spacecraft visualization with Simulink 3D Animation

3d, animation, ares, atmospheric, reality 30 1
5.0 | 1 rating
16 Sep 2012 Technologies 1re et Term STI2D, T2 Du modèle au prototype - Livre élève - Ed.2012, par C. Cimelli, B.Cirefice, A. Facchin, S.Grenaille, G.Le Guern, A. Menu, L.Nadalon, F.Xerri, S.Yahi

Livre de l'élève englobant MATLAB Simulink et Simscape,

1ere, academic, académie, ballon-sonde, civil and e... 68 1
16 Sep 2012 Technologies 1re et Term STI2D, T2 - Manuel numérique - Licence enseignant - Ed.2012par C. Cimelli, B.Cirefice, A. Facchin, S.Grenaille, G.Le Guern, A. Menu, L.Nadalon, F.Xerri, S.Yahi

Livre enseignant englobant MATLAB Simulink et Simscape

1ere, academic, académie, autre, ballon-sonde 145 1
22 Jun 2010 Teach yourself VRML 2 in 21 days book

Classic text for authoring VRML worlds

3d, animation, book, language, modeling 262 1
5.0 | 1 rating
26 Jul 2012 Tapis de course TC290 S-SI, par Jérôme PIETRE, Académie d'Orléans-Tours

Activités et ressources autour d’un tapis de course dans le cadre de la réforme S-SI.

academic, académie do..., control sys..., country fr, course mate... 79 1
21 Dec 2009 Taming Software-Defined Radio: A graphical user interface for digital communication system prototyping

User-friendly Software-Defined Radio (SDR) development for research and education

sdr, simulink, signal proc..., soft decisi..., usrp 517 1
27 Jul 2012 Séquence - Décrire les systemes - Utilisation de Stateflow pour la simulation du fonctionnement du distributeur de boisson Colibri, par Christophe Favré, Lycée Vaucanson, académie de Grenoble.

Sujets de TPs et modèles Stateflow du distributeur de boisson Colibri, pour 1ère STI2D.

academic, académie, académie de..., christophe..., climatisation 159 1
4 Jun 2013 System-Level Design of Mixed-Signal ASICs Using Simulink: Efficient Transitions to EDA Environments

Automated transitions from Simulink models with analog & digital components to HDL descriptions

analog, asics, digital, hdl, mixed-signal 21 1
18 Sep 2012 Symbolic Robot Modeling Toolbox

The Symbolic Robot Modeling Toolbox is a collection of Matlab functions for symbolic robot modeling.

control design, downloadabl..., embedded code, robotics, simulation 353 1
17 Jun 2013 Supports pédagogiques sur le traitement de signal numérique et les télécommunications avec MATLAB et Simulink

Cours et TPs par Françoise Briolle, Maitre de conférences à l'Université d'Aix Marseille.

academic, analogique, analyse spe..., communicati..., country fr 171 1
30 Jul 2012 STI2D Portail SET Matlab-Simulink, par Christophe DOMENGE et Jacky GONTHIER, académie de Grenoble

Trois sujets de TPs et modèles MATLAB/Simulink associés.

academic, académie de..., christophe..., country fr, course mate... 153 1
22 Apr 2011 Static Code Analysis with Polyspace Products

Learn how to improve code quality without code execution.

control design, demo, embedded code, polyspace, polyspace b... 196 1
16 Oct 2013 Solar Impulse Develops Advanced Solar-Powered Airplane

Solar Impulse Develops Advanced Solar-Powered Airplane

aerospace a..., control sys..., control sys..., matlab, polyspace b... 36 1
22 Jun 2010 SOEN 385 - Control Systems - Robot Arm Video using SImulink 3D Animation

Robotics visualization

3d, animation, block, builder, control sys... 207 1
5.0 | 1 rating
13 Mar 2012 Smart Voice Decoder System

Smart Voice Decoder System project for Electronics Students

signal proc..., aerospace, communications, data export, image proce... 122 1
23 May 2011 Sistema Pêndulo Invertido Rotacional Duplo - Realidade Virtual

Sistema Pêndulo Invertido Rotacional Duplo - Realidade Virtual

3d, animation, reality, simulink, virtual 28 1
23 May 2011 Sistema Pêndulo Invertido Rotacional - Realidade Virtual

Sistema Pêndulo Invertido Rotacional - Realidade Virtual

virtual, 3d, animation, reality, simulink 121 1
5.0 | 1 rating
23 May 2011 Sistema Pêndulo Invertido Linear - Realidade Virtual (Inverted Pendulum Animation)

Sistema Pêndulo Invertido Linear - Realidade Virtual

3d, animation, inverted, pendulum, reality 97 1
23 May 2011 Sistema Bola e Viga - Realidade Virtual

Sistema Bola e Viga - Realidade Virtual

3d, animation, reality, simulink, virtual 29 1
26 Aug 2013 Simulink Models with 3D Animation environment for BEST Robotics 2013 Competition (Gatekeeper 2013)

Simulink models with 3D animation of game field and robot for BEST Robotics 2013 Competition

3-d, 3d animation, best robotics, gatekeeper, package 93 1
18 May 2010 Simulink / Matlab Video Tutorial and Example – Low Pass Filter – Bode Plots (Part 2)

Introductory video from www.FreedomUniversity.TV describing a low pass filter LPF

filter, matlab, bode, example, part 830 1
21 Dec 2012 Simulink (Embedded Coder) Target for TI Stellaris LaunchPad

Simulink (Embedded Coder) Target Support Package for TI Stellaris LaunchPad

embedded coder, launchpad, simulink, stellaris, target support 192 1

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