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13 May 2014 XMLTree: an XML toolbox for MATLAB

A parser by Guillaume Flandin

Contributed by: Helen Chen
Updated by: Allen
data export, data import 506 2
5.0 | 1 rating
20 Dec 2013 Control of Excel by MATLAB via Automation

A series of tutorials to effectively control Excel through MATLAB (on Windows)

Contributed by: Jerome Briot
activex, automation, data export, data import, excel 137 1
5 Dec 2013 Making interactive heatmaps, boxplots, triple y-axis graphs, and more with Plotly and MATLAB

Walkthrough of using the Plotly MATLAB API for graphing (

Contributed by: Mateo Sundquist
aerospace, automotive, biotech, communications, control design 49 0
3 Nov 2013 MATLAB graphing library for creating interactive, collaborative, beautiful, web-based graphs

Plotly APIs make beautiful, publication-quality graphs on the web. Easy sharing and collaboration.

Contributed by: Mateo Sundquist
Updated by: Yair Altman
aerospace, automotive, biotech, chemistry, communications 220 3
4.5 | 2 ratings
4 Apr 2013 Table utilities

Utilities for acting on tables of data, that are agnostic to the implementation (dataset or struct)

Contributed by: Peter Cotton
Updated by: per isakson
data explor..., table, data export, data import, database 63 3
5.0 | 1 rating
30 Jul 2012 A Database of MATLAB functions

Interactive tutorials on scientific functions

Contributed by: William Craelius
data import, biotech, image proce..., measurement, signal proc... 210 1
15 Apr 2012 Matlab Tips & Tricks

A blog on making better matlab code with and without GUIs

Contributed by: Jerome
Updated by: Jingpeng Guan
gui, data import, demo, matrix, optimization 638 2
5.0 | 2 ratings
15 Mar 2012 MATLAB Projects Videos

MATLAB/Simulink Projects Videos

Contributed by: Saqer Ali Khalil
control design, image proce..., prediction, signal proc..., coin 315 1
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Mar 2012 MATLAB, jQuery and JSON

Blog post

Contributed by: Anoush Najarian
Updated by: Mark Mikofski
data export, data import 370 2
19 May 2011 Mat2Ascii

Mat2Ascii allows to convert the content of MAT files and/or from workspace into ASCii format.

Contributed by: Slimfast
data export, data import 159 1
25 Feb 2011 Million Song Dataset

LABROSA at Columbia introduces the Million Song Dataset, how to access and manipulate from MATLAB

Contributed by: Helen Chen
data import, matlab, millionsong, song 82 1
18 Jan 2011 RAVE: An open source mouse-driven toolbox to visualize, explore, sample, optimize, analyze, and model your data and data-generating functions.

A highly-customizable environment for working with tabular data. Easy to learn, fast to use.

Contributed by: matt dash
academic, aerospace, data import, gui, interactive 226 1
5.0 | 1 rating
3 Jan 2011 nctoolbox: open source toolkit for accessing common data model datasets

nctoolbox is a Matlab toolbox that provides read-only access to common data model datasets.

Contributed by: Brian Schlining
data import, netcdf, oceanography, opendap 201 1
22 Sep 2010 LEDALAB: Open source Matlab software for analysis of skin conductance data (viz. EDA; GSR)

This site contains the latest version of Ledalab for download, and an online documentation.

Contributed by: Mathias Benedek
data import, gui, measurement, optimization, signal proc... 575 1
16 Jul 2010 OpenSSL toolbox for Matlab

OpenSSL toolbox for Matlab

Contributed by: Anthony Gabrielson
communications, cryptography, data export, data import, signal proc... 266 0
16 Apr 2010 Interaction between MеtaTrader 4 and MATLAB Engine

Using virtual desktop MATLAB Engine to connect to MetaTrader 4

Contributed by: Helen Chen
data import 499 1
13 Mar 2010 iso2mesh: a 3D surface and volumetric mesh generator for matlab/octave. By Qianqian Fang.

A compilation of functions and 3D meshing adaptive algorithms for volumes and surfaces.

Contributed by: J Rey
surface, 3d, surfaces, analyze75, medical 2150 1
5.0 | 1 rating
18 Feb 2010 Transferring Simulink Scope Data to MATLAB

Transfer your Simulink scope data to the MATLAB Workspace

Contributed by: Helen Chen
data import, signal proc..., simulation, simulink 1881 1
12 Feb 2010 sigTOOL

sigTOOL provides a programming and analysis environment for processing biological data

Contributed by: Malcolm Lidierth
biotech, data explor..., data export, data import, gui 366 1

A link to a collection of tutorials on MATLAB

Contributed by: datakid1 .
Updated by: datakid1 .
data export, data import, gui, simulink, tutorials 272 1
8 Sep 2009 Mechanical engineer

Simulation modell

Contributed by: Patrick
automotive, control design, data export, data import, demo 125 0
2 Jul 2009 Allen J. Hall: Materials Science & Engineering, Productivity, and Life

Blogs on various topics including semi-conductors and polymer science

Contributed by: Helen Chen
blog, data import 209 1

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