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16 May 2011 Sahab programing contest file

Sahab programing contest file

contest, programing 12 0
18 Apr 2011 Geeks and Tweaks: What Computer Programming Contests Can Teach Us About Innovation

Freakonomics blog post about the MATLAB Programming Contest

contest 25 1
31 Mar 2011 application contest with Tektronix for 2011

MATLAB application contest with Tektronix executed during 2011

contest, tektronix, test & meas... 35 0
22 Mar 2010 MLSP 2010 Competition: Mind Reading

Competition to design a MATLAB classifier of EEG data

contest, eeg, machine lea..., neuroscience 77 1
3 Feb 2010 Crowd-sourced MATLAB--a fun way to improve your skills

Review of the MATLAB programming contest.

contest, matlab, news 105 0

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