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29 May 2013 Scientific Computing in MATLAB

This is a first course in scientific computing using MATLAB for scientists and engineers.

Contributed by: Coorous Mohtadi
earth atmos..., academic, biological..., biomedical..., computation... 243 1
7 Jan 2013 Mechanics Demos for First Year Physics and Engineering

The simulations explore the behaviour of dynamical systems complementing a first course on mechanics

Contributed by: Coorous Mohtadi
academic, aerospace e..., biomedical..., country gb, demo 153 1
26 Aug 2012 Image Classification Practical [MATLAB-based project]

 Tutorial on semantic image classification with bag-of-words representations and SVM classifiers

Contributed by: Andrea Vedaldi
Updated by: ankit arya
academic, computer sc..., image and v..., language en..., tutorial 2492 2
5.0 | 1 rating
29 Jun 2012 Screen casts as introduction to MATLAB

A series of screen casts as an introduction to MATLAB

Contributed by: MathWorks Classroom Resources Team
academic, civil and e..., country gb, course mate..., edinburgh 60 1
9 May 2012 Course Material for C12.3b: Approximation of functions

A course covering approximation theory and practice using chebfuns as the basis of discussion.

Contributed by: Coorous Mohtadi
academic, chefun, computation..., country gb, course mate... 39 1
2 May 2012 Resources for an introduction to Model Predictive Control

Lecture notes and MATLAB files for a first course in Model Predictive Control

Contributed by: Coorous Mohtadi
system mode..., academic, chemical en..., control sys..., country gb 146 1
2 May 2012 An interactive introduction to MATLAB

This is a short self-paced course for first year students to get started with MATLAB

Contributed by: Coorous Mohtadi
academic, civil and e..., computation..., conditional, country gb 536 1

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