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30 Nov 2014 Guaranteed Automatic Integration Library (GAIL)

GAIL is a suite of algorithms for integration problems in one and many dimensions.

Contributed by: GAIL
integration, monte carlo... 7 0
5.0 | 1 rating
1 Jan 2014 A lightweight framework to expose computational MATLABĀ® resources over HTTP.

Components to run a HTTP REST Server inside MATLAB and some sample clients.

client-server, distributed, http, integration, rest 21 1
30 Sep 2013 DDS (Data Distribution Service) Blockset for Simulink

Easily share data from a Simulink model with other applications using Data Distribution Service

data distri..., communications, dds, integration, messaging 211 2
13 Oct 2010 Integral

Learn how to calculate numeric and symbolic integrals with MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox

integral, integration, mathematica..., mathematics, quadrature 178 1

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