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27 Nov 2013 Code examples of the book, "Kalman Filter for Beginners: with MATLAB Examples"

MATLAB examples on Linear/Extended/Unscented Kalman filter, low-pass filter, complementary filter

Contributed by: Phil
Updated by: Madhvi
unscented k..., attitude re..., kalman filter, extended ka..., complementa... 3538 2
4 Jun 2013 Simplified Extended Kalman Filter Model for SOC Estimation of Commercial Power-Oriented LFP Lithium Battery Cells

Simplified Kalman Filter Technique

Contributed by: Linda Webb
battery mod..., ekf algorithm, extended ka..., kalman filter, lfp lithium... 191 1
29 Dec 2012 Kalman Filter with Non-Uniform Timesteps

Using a Kalman Filter to estimate a system providing measurement updates over non-uniform timesteps

Contributed by: Dan Couture
demo, kalman filter, signal proc..., simulation 181 1
14 Oct 2010 Macroeconomic Modeling and Inflation-Rate Forecasting at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

A MATLAB based model helps the RBNZ make accurate projections about the future state of the economy

Contributed by: Linda Webb
dsge, kitt, economic pr..., economy, fmincon 243 1
3 Jun 2010 Kalman Filtering with State Constraints: A Survey of Linear and Nonlinear Algorithms (Tutorial)

Tutorial by Dan Simon, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cleveland State U, Cleveland OH

Contributed by: Helen Chen
computer sc..., electrical..., programming..., digital sig..., downloadabl... 847 1
15 Dec 2009 Von MATLAB nach Embedded C

Direkte Generierung von C-Code aus MATLAB-Algorithmen.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
algorithm, automatic c..., c code, code genera..., embedded ma... 131 1
15 Dec 2009 From MATLAB to Embedded C

The Embedded MATLAB language subset closes the gap between exploration and implementation

Contributed by: Linda Webb
embedded ma..., matlab to c..., algorithm, automatic c..., c code 167 1
8 Oct 2009 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Takes Prize in Robot Soccer Competition Using MATLAB and Simulink

In only its third year of competition, the TU/e team placed second in the RoboCup championship

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academic, ai, algorithm, article, artificial... 104 1
29 Jun 2009 Developing a Motion-Stereo Parking Assistant at BMW

BMW developed a motion-stereo system to construct a 3-D model of area around the car from 2-D images

Contributed by: Linda Webb
kalman filter, 2d, 3d, algorithms, alorithms 258 1

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