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17 Mar 2014 M_Map: A mapping package for Matlab

M_Map is a set of mapping tools written for MATLAB v5. These include: Routines to project data in...

mapping, earth sciences 1386 2
4.0 | 2 ratings
9 Apr 2012 Visualization tips for geoscientists: Matlab, part II

Posted some new code snippets and discussion about enhanced visualization of Geophysical maps

3d, article, code, earth science, geology 98 1
1 Dec 2011 Image Processing tips for geoscientists

I just started a blog series of image processing tips to enhance geoscience maps

convolution, edge enhanc..., filtering, geology, geophysics 164 1
4 Nov 2010 The Gibbs SeaWater (GSW) Oceanographic Toolbox of TEOS-10

Collection of functions to compute the Thermodynamic Equation Of Seawater -2010 (TEOS-10) properties

Contributed by: Paul
earth sciences, mapping, oceanography, seawater, ocean 437 1
23 Sep 2010 Open Source Geophysics Software

Lots of code maintained by Frederik J. Simons

geophysics, cartography, mapping 539 0
19 May 2010 Mirone

Mirone is a general Earth Sciences application for MATLAB. It provides visualization and manipula...

earth sciences, gdal, gmt, mapping, opencv 351 1
6 Jul 2009 MATLAB and Simulink in the World: Earth, Ocean, and Planetary Sciences

Innovative applications of MathWorks products in earth, ocean, and planetary sciences

climate, energy, article, deposits, earthquake 88 1
2 Jul 2009 Analyzing Test Data from a Worldwide Fleet of Fuel Cell Vehicles at Daimler AG

Algorithms translate drive files into reports on vehicle performance and refueling infrastructure

article, automotive, database, mapping, paper 75 1
8 Jan 2008 SeaGrid Orthogonal Grid Maker For Matlab

Starting from a conformal projection (such as Mercator) of the targeted area, SeaGrid uses the Iv...

mapping, earth sciences 453 1
21 Feb 2006 Maps and oceanography

It is updated in 2006....

earth sciences, mapping 116 1
7 Jun 2005 MexCDF and NetCDF Toolbox For MATLAB-5&6

News & Comment, Trouble-Shooting, User's Guide, NetCDF Concepts, MATLAB-5 Features, NetCDF Langua...

earth sciences, industry, mapping, stories 584 1
23 Feb 2005 GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB

The GCE Data Toolbox is a comprehensive library of functions for metadata-based analysis, visuali...

earth sciences, mapping 73 1
7 Oct 2004 Menyanthes

Menyanthes is a many-sided and user-friendly computer program for the analysis of groundwater lev...

earth sciences, mapping 19 1
2 Jan 2002 Tree-Ring Matlab Toolbox

The Tree-Ring Matlab Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB functions for commonly
used dendrochronol...

earth sciences, mapping 53 1
11 Nov 2001 Water mass mixing analysis (OMP)

OMP analysis is a tool for oceanographers, geochemists as well as all
people interested in separ..

earth sciences, mapping 115 1
25 Aug 2001 Greenhouse Designed with Simulink® Revolutionizes Agriculture in Arid Coastal Regions

MATLAB® and Simulink® were used to model and simulate a prototype of the system, which was subseq...

earth sciences, industry, mapping, stories 250 1
5 May 2001 WAFO Wave Analylsis for Fatigue and Oceanography

WAFO is a toolbox of MATLAB routines for statistical analysis and simulation of random waves and ...

earth sciences, mapping 389 1
14 Sep 2000 Air Sea Toolbox for MATLAB

Air-Sea toolbox is a collection of MATLAB programs (m-files) which can be used to compute surface...

earth sciences, mapping 686 1
7 Apr 2000 GI-EYE - GPS/Inertial mapping and georegistration system

The GI-Eye system is a Global Positioning System (GPS), inertial, and
digital camera sensor desig...

earth sciences, mapping 101 1
7 Apr 2000 Kingman Consulting - Consulting for electrical and mining geophysics applications

I provide special expertise in two primary areas: analysis and processing
of electrical geophysic...

earth sciences, mapping 62 1
7 Apr 2000 ADI System Integration Services - Specializing in system engineering services

ADI's System Integration Services (SIS) offers a broad range of system
engineering services to he...

courses, dsp, earth sciences, embedded, mapping 20 1
11 Jul 1999 Gridgen

GRIDGEN is a MATLAB-based tool to construct orthongonal curvilinear grids for of NetCDF files for...

mapping, earth sciences 157 1
7 Jul 1999 GPSoft INS Toolbox

Expanding on the highly successful SatNav Toolbox, GPSoft is proud to introduce the INS Toolbox f...

mapping, earth sciences 359 1
2 Jul 1999 GTM

GTM, which stands for Generative Topographic Mapping, is a model for density modeling and data vi...

earth sciences, mapping 390 1
2 Jul 1999 MathWorks - Mapping Toolbox

The Mapping Toolbox provides a comprehensive set of functions and graphical user interfaces for p...

earth sciences, mapping 159 1

SEAWATER is a toolkit of MATLAB routines for calculating the properties of sea water. They are a ...

earth sciences, mapping 721 1
18 Feb 1998 Rich Pawlowicz's MATLAB Stuff

Mapping toolbox, Air-Sea toolbox, OCEANS toolbox and extended contouring capabilities....

earth sciences, mapping 61 1

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