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29 May 2014 WFDB Toolbox for MATLAB and Octave

A toolbox for downloading and processing PhysioNet data (> 3TB) directly into MATLAB.

Contributed by: Ikaro Silva
arrythmia, biosignal, ecg, eeg, ekg 16 1
15 Jan 2013 FieldTrip

FieldTrip is a Matlab toolbox for MEG/EEG analysis that is being developed by the F.C. Donders Ce...

Contributed by: Robert Oostenveld
Updated by: Robert Oostenveld
eeg, engineering, medical, meg, research 455 1
5.0 | 1 rating
23 Sep 2009 Brainstorm Toolbox

Application dedicated to MEG and EEG data visualization, processing and cortical source estimation.

Contributed by: Francois Tadel
beamformer, brain, cortex, eeg, electrode 300 1

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