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14 Jul 2013 Make comics like graphs and figures in Matlab

Make cool graphs and figures in Matlab that emulate XKCD Comics

Contributed by: nate
cool, figure, graph, plot 101 1
5.0 | 1 rating
28 Feb 2013 Perceptual rainbow colormap for Matlab

Describes the method used to create a new rainbow colormap (avaialbe as FEX submission)

Contributed by: Matteo Niccoli
spectrum, color, color blind..., color visio..., colormap 236 1
9 Jan 2013 Various ways to produce xkcd like plots using matlab

A Stack overflow discussion on different ways to use matlab for plots to look like xkcd comics

Contributed by: nate
Updated by: Rob Campbell
plot 100 1
5.0 | 2 ratings
30 Aug 2011 mjograph - an XY plotter that works on Matlab

You can use this app as an alternative to the built-in plot command.

Contributed by: Makoto Tanahashi
2d graph, data export, eps, free software, gui 43 1
26 Dec 2010 An utility for plotting eyediagram in matlab (without using Communication toolbox)

Plot eye Diagram in Matlab without using communication toolbox

Contributed by: Mathuranathan Viswanathan
communicati..., eye, eye diagram, eye plot, eyediagram 208 1

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