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1 Oct 2010 Calibration of Engine Performance at Mercedes-AMG

Custom engine calibration tool for extracting highest possible performance from AMG powertrains.

calibration..., design of e..., doe, engine cali..., euro6 71 1
15 Dec 2009 IAV entwickelt eine serienreife ECU als Umrüstlösung für den bivalenten Gasbetrieb

Die IAV verkürzt ihre Entwicklungszeit von drei Jahren auf nur 18 Monate

algorithm, automatic c..., code genera..., control sof..., ecu 24 1
15 Dec 2009 IAV Develops Mass-Production Gaseous-Fuel ECUs Using Model-Based Design

Model-Based Design enabled IAV to reduce their mass-production ECU development process

algorithm, automatic c..., code genera..., control sof..., ecu 55 1
14 Jul 2009 Using Model-Based Design to Build the Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors used Model-Based Design to develop the first all-electric product sports car

article, automotive, batterypowe..., control, data analysis 238 1

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