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9 Nov 2011 YAGTOM: Yet Another Guide To MATLAB

MATLAB tutorial covering basic and advanced uses (makes extensive use of published examples)

Updated by: Matti
tutorial, matlab, academic, aerospace e..., biological... 491 2
4.0 | 1 rating
22 Oct 2011 Differential Equations with MATLAB

MATLAB published files introducing symbolic and numerical solutions for differential equations

Contributed by: Dan Doherty
Updated by: Mr Smart
mathematics, academic, course mate..., language en..., numerical a... 857 2
5.0 | 1 rating
19 Apr 2010 Multivariate and Vector Calculus with MATLAB

Published MATLAB files demonstrating concepts in multivariate and vector calculus

Contributed by: Lissa
academic, mathematics, course mate..., language en..., numerical a... 846 2

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