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22 Nov 2013 Asymexfit toolbox

Toolobox for fitting NMR spectra with asymmetrical two-site chemical exchange

optimization, research, signal proc... 13 1
9 Jun 2013 Image Processing Research Group

An Online Open Image Processing Research Community for academician, researchers and students.

Contributed by: MANISH T I
digital ima..., mathematics, image proce..., measurement, optimization 93 1
5.0 | 1 rating
15 Jan 2013 FieldTrip

FieldTrip is a Matlab toolbox for MEG/EEG analysis that is being developed by the F.C. Donders Ce...

eeg, engineering, medical, meg, research 467 1
5.0 | 1 rating
28 Jul 2012 PRANA Software for EEG and Sleep Analysis

PRANA is a software package consisting of two toolboxes for extensive reviewing and complete anal...

engineering, medical, research 362 2
16 Sep 2011 openffw - Open Finite Element Framework in Matlab

The FFW provides different finite element schemes, error estimators, grid generations, ...

Contributed by: David
finite element, education, elasticity, elliptic pr..., fem 263 1
12 Aug 2011 Bioelectromagnetism MATLAB Toolbox

This toolbox has been developed to facilitate quick and easy import, visualisation and measuremen...

Updated by: Hu Yuxia
medical, bioelectrom..., eeg, engineering, research 274 2
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Feb 2010 Computational Bioengineering Course Web Page

Introduction to computational approaches to bioinformatics & the analysis of biological systems

academic, biological..., biomedical..., computation..., course mate... 123 2
22 Jan 2010 FMRLAB

FMRLAB is a matlab toolbox for fMRI and other functional neuroimaging data analysis using indepen...

engineering, medical, research 143 2
5.0 | 1 rating
2 Nov 2009 SPM

The SPM software package has been designed for the analysis of brain imaging data sequences. The ...

academic, analyze image, biomedical..., curricula, engineering 1018 2
29 Jun 2009 Supporting Undergraduate Research with MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox

Article on DSP course at VMI that uses MATLAB for live measurement, analysis and visualization

Contributed by: Linda Webb
academic, article, data acquis..., digital sig..., dsp 79 1
11 Mar 2009 EEG / MRI Matlab Toolbox

This toolbox has been developed to facilitate quick and easy import, visualisation and measuremen...

Contributed by: Helen Chen
medical, engineering, research, 最近在做这方面的东西,... 893 1
16 Jun 2008 Psychotoolbox Overview

The attraction of using computer displays for visual psychophysics is that they allow software sp...

engineering, medical, research 206 1
12 May 2008 COmpartment Model Kinetic Analysis Tool

COMKAT, which stands for 'COmpartment Model Kinetic Analysis Tool', is MATLAB software for compar...

medical, engineering, research 406 1
10 Apr 2008 MATLAB for Biotechnology

Researchers throughout the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical industries use MATLAB® for ...

biotechnology, engineering, medical, research 110 1
28 Nov 2007 Helsinki BEM Library

Helsinki BEM library is a Matlab source code library for Boundary Element modeling of bioelectrom...

dsss reception, engineering, medical, research 476 1
10 Jun 2006 BrainMaps Analyze

BrainMaps Analyze is a powerful tool for applying image analysis routines to high r...

Contributed by: Shawn Mikula
engineering, medical, research 42 1
15 Jun 2005 Biomedical Instrumentation and Design

Course Syllabus, Course Project Information, Lab Schedule, Course survey, Lecture Schedule Winter...

engineering, medical, research 66 1
8 Jun 2005 MAD: MATLAB Auditory Demonstrations

Demonstrations, About the MAD Project, Articles, Users' Guide, and Downloads....

engineering, medical, research 146 1
1 Jul 2004 VSG2/5 Visual Stimulus Generator

The VSG2/5 is the latest in our range of visual stimulus generators that are designed specificall...

engineering, medical, research 136 1
15 Apr 2003 An Implementation of the "auditory image model" in MATLAB

The Auditory Image Model (AIM) is intended to simulate the processing performed by the auditory s...

engineering, medical, research 86 1
10 Mar 2003 g.BSanalyse - Multi-modal Off-line Biosignal Analysis under MATLAB

g.BSanalyze is an interactive environment for multimodal biosignal data processing in the field o...

engineering, medical, research 36 1
9 Dec 2002 EEGLAB

EEGLAB is a toolbox of 250 routines for analyzing and visualizing event-related EEG (or MEG) brai...

engineering, medical, research 554 1
17 Feb 2001 g.RTsys Biosignal Real-Time Processing System from g.tec

The g.RTsys Biosignal Real-Time Processing System is used to acquire and analyze biosignals such ...

engineering, medical, research 164 1
2 Jan 2001 ERA-Profiler: Review and analyze any polygraphic sleep/wake recording

ERA-Profiler is a software package consisting of two toolboxes for extensive reviewing and comple...

engineering, medical, research 30 1
26 Nov 2000 The BrainStorm Toolbox

BrainStorm is an integrated Matlab Toolbox dedicated to Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Electroe...

engineering, medical, research 315 1
7 Apr 2000 Net Station - Dense-array EEG environment

Net Station is a powerful and extensible dense-array EEG acquisition and
analysis environment. It...

medical, automotive, engineering, finite elem..., image proce... 141 1
7 Apr 2000 Toolsmiths® Software Consulting & Training - Custom design software/training/consulting for general, biomedical, and wavelet signal processing

Research and development consulting services provided by computational
mathematician (Ph.D. from ...

engineering, medical, research 9 1
5 Apr 2000 Real Time Visual, Acoustic and Tactile Simulation for MATLAB

Consists of a paradigm parser, which allows for the setup of user-specific paradigms. Acoustic st...

engineering, medical, research 72 1
1 Jul 1999 NIH CORTEX Toolbox

A series of routines modified by the Laboratory of Neuropsychology from original routines provide...

engineering, medical, research 54 1

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