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4 Jun 2013 Building Confidence in the Quality and Reliability of Critical Software

Techniques based on formal methods for verifying complex avionics systems.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
abstract in..., avionics so..., avionics sy..., code verifi..., critical so... 10 1
21 Dec 2012 Improving Software Quality with Static Code Analysis

Development teams improve code quality with static code analysis using Polyspace code verifiers.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
abstract in..., code certif..., code comple..., code metrics, code reviews 31 1
21 Dec 2012 Verifying High-Integrity Control Software for Mission-Critical Emergency Diesel Generators

Polyspace code verifiers help MTU engineers eliminate run-time errors and meet IEC 60880 standards.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
high-integr..., iec 60880, run-time er..., software ve..., tool qualif... 14 1
6 Jun 2011 Removing Run-Time Errors from AUTOSAR Components Using Polyspace Code Verifiers

Polyspace enables Elektrobit to better demonstrate that their software is free of certain errors.

Contributed by: Linda Webb
automotive..., autosar, code verifi..., code verifier, eb tresos a... 40 1

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