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16 Sep 2014 SuiteSparse: UMFPACK, CHOLMOD, and many other MATLAB built-in functions

SuiteSparse is a suite of sparse matrix packages, many of which are used in MATLAB (x=A\b, lu, ch...

sparse 523 2
1 Nov 2011 Sparse matrix converter

The BeBOP Sparse Matrix Converter is a library and standalone utility, written in portable ANSI C...

matrix conv..., sparse, switching o..., three phase... 444 2
4.0 | 1 rating
30 Nov 2010 Matlab code for adapting a wavelet pyramid to natural images

Olshausen BA, Sallee P, Lewicki MS (2001).

wavelet, sparse 148 1
29 Mar 2010 University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection

Large set of MATLAB mat-files of sparse matrices that arise in real applications

mathematics, matrix, simulation, sparse 79 1
24 Mar 2010 SparseMRI V0.2 presentation

Michael Lustig's SparseMRI is a collection of MATLAB functions. This is a slideshow overview.

imaging, mri, sparse 212 1
11 May 2009 University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection

An active mirror of the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection, with sparse matrices stor...

sparse 33 1
9 Mar 2007 University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection

The University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection is a large, widely available, and actively gro...

sparse 25 1
16 Sep 2006 Video seminar : Direct methods for sparse linear systems : the MATLAB sparse backslash

This presentation was given as a plenary talk at the SIAM 2006 Annual Meeting. It describes how ...

sparse 23 1
1 Jul 1999 Expokit

Expokit, the matrix exponential package, computes w(t) = exp(t*A)v for large/sparse

sparse 70 1

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