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12 May 2014 MATLAB scripts and programs

A lot of MATLAB scripts and programs...

Updated by: sandeep
utilities 406 2
6 Apr 2010 CelesTrak: Astrodynamics Software by David Vallado

188 MATLAB functions to solve astrodynamic problems

aerospace, astronautics, orbital mec..., utilities 653 1
11 Oct 2009 MATPOWER

MATPOWER is a package of Matlab M-files for solving power flow and optimal power flow problems. I...

Updated by: Ho
electrical..., utilities 1212 1
31 Dec 2008 MATLAB Projects at Google Code

Find MATLAB Code can be found in projects at Google Code...

utilities, wavelet 974 1
11 Jun 2008 TOMLAB optimization Inc.

TOMLAB is a general purpose development environment in MATLAB for research, teaching and practica...

utilities 187 1
11 Jun 2008 PROPT

PROPT is a software package intended to help you solve dynamic optimization problems....

utilities 34 1
14 Mar 2008 MATLAB at Literate Programs

LiteratePrograms is a unique wiki where every article is simultaneously a document and a piece of...

utilities 9 1
13 Dec 2007 Socket functions for use in MATLAB

This is a suite of tools that allow TCP/IP socket communication via MATLAB.
In particular, the to...

utilities 620 1
24 Oct 2006 Simulink content plugin for Total Commander

The Simulink content pluginn for Total Commander parses the Simulink model file and provides cont...

utilities 16 1
22 Sep 2006 MAT-file Viewer plugin for Total Commander

The MAT-file Viewer plugin for Total Commander shows the variables of a MAT-file, their size (num...

utilities 114 1
14 Nov 2005 Determine the Google Ranking of your Web Pages

Check the ranking of a web page in Googleâ„¢. This is a search engine optimization tool built using...

utilities 18 1
6 Oct 2005 Viscosity of Water and Silicon Oil

Kinematic viscosities of pure water and Rhodorsil 47 silicon oils as a function of temperature....

physics, utilities 161 1
26 Sep 2005 MAT-file Viewer

The MAT-file Viewer shows the variables of a MAT-file, their size (number of elements), their siz...

utilities 2167 1
15 Jun 2005 Computing and Networking using MATLAB

This document covers the following information: Starting MATLAB, Matrix Operations, Complex Numbe...

utilities 32 1
15 Jun 2005 MATLAB Benchmark

My own Matlab benchmark suite jmbench.m because timings from Matlab "bench" command cannot be use...

utilities 93 1
15 Jun 2005 Matlab On NetBSD

Demonstrates how to run MATLAB on NetBSD/i386....

utilities 26 1
15 Jun 2005 MATLAB 7 Release 14 on Mac OS X Panther - A First Look

I downloaded and installed a pre-release version of the Matlab 7 (Release 14) on Mac OS X Panther...

utilities 41 1
13 Jun 2005 The RMatlab Package

This is the early release of a bi-directional interface between the R and Matlab languages. Inclu...

utilities 197 1
8 Jun 2005 MATLAB/SIMULINK Resources

MATLAB in Education, MATLAB Digest, Demos & Examles, User Contributed M-files, MATLAB FAQ, and mo...

utilities 8 1
8 Jun 2005 MATLAB script to monitor resources

MONITORMATLAB Displays runtime diagnostic information. This task manager like tool displays real ...

utilities 20 1
8 Jun 2005 How to get a MATLAB mode in (X)emacs

Step by step instructions for how to get a MATLAB mode in (X)emacs....

utilities 115 1
8 Jun 2005 Scientific and mathematical code and utilities for MATLAB

A large collection of useful links....

utilities 16 1
7 Jun 2005 XML Toolbox for MATLAB

The XML Toolbox for Matlab allows engineering users of Matlab to convert and store variables and ...

utilities 758 1
7 Jun 2005 MATLAB Library

Functions and their usage relating to Feature Extraction and Classification....

psv, utilities 961 1
7 Jun 2005 MATLAB Format and Display Precision Help

MATLAB does its internal arithmetic in IEEE floating point precision using approximately 16 decim...

utilities 68 1
7 Jun 2005 Playing with MATLAB from Linux

The MATLAB Gui, MATLAB from Xemacs, Running Processes in the Background from MATLAB, and more...

utilities 40 1
7 Jun 2005 MATLAB Reference: Strings

Strings variables are primarily used for labeling output and passing the names of m-files as argu...

manipulation, string, utilities 45 1
6 Jun 2005 Accelerating Matlab

Matlab is a very useful programming environment, but it also has many inefficiencies. You might t...

utilities 25 1
14 Mar 2005 Reza's MATLAB World

This site's contains around 800 scripts, for those who love MATLAB like me....

utilities 15 1
3 Mar 2005 CBB Mat Version Converter

CBB Mat Version Converter will enable you to convert .mat files from one version to another. For ...

utilities 77 1
4 May 2004 teximage - Displays a LaTeX string as an image

This function will convert LaTeX strings into images and display them in figures....

latex, utilities 87 1
12 Jan 2004 String Utilities

A collection of m-files for download from Peter J. Acklam....

manipulation, string, utilities 46 1
10 Feb 2003 Makeinstall

You have a created a toolbox with a lot of MATLAB files and now you need a simple way to distribu...

utilities 6 1
9 Jan 2001 SansGUI

Modeling and Simulation Environment for developing and deploying scientific and engineering simul...

utilities 3 1
9 Jun 2000 MatLinks Software Network

A place for MATLAB/Simulink end-users and developers to meet and collaborate. At MatLinks you ca...

newsgroups, utilities 21 1
7 Apr 2000 DOORS - The leading Requirements Management and Information traceability tool

DOORS is a multi-platform, enterprise-wide requirements management tool developed and supported b...

utilities 39 1
3 Aug 1998 Perl scripts related to MATLAB

Perl scripts to run as console, convert to LaTeX, strip comments and list function definitions....

utilities 23 1

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