Rotman Trader Toolbox

This document will help you get set up and running with the roatmanTrader functionality for connecting to Rotman Interactive Trader.


System Requirements

You need to be on a windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating system with .NET Framework installed. You will also need to have the RTD and API libraries installed as well as Rotman Interactive Trader. More information on Rotman Interactive Trader software can be found here:

Required Dependencies

To use rotmanTrader you need to have the appropriate DLLs installed to communicate to Rotman Interactive Trader. Run the installRIT script to check for the appropriate files and download and install any missing librariries. It will also rename to a DLL.

Checking for Rotman Ineteractive Trader API and RTD libraries...
Found RIT2.RTD (1 of 2)
Found RIT2.API (2 of 2)
Testing ...
All is good

Read the Examples

To get started using rotmanTrader read the two examples in the html folder. tradingExample.html and streamingDataExample.html or step through the matlab files tradingExamples or streamingDataExamples

Student Competition

If you are using this functionality as part of the Rotman International Student Competition, you can request MATLAB software and view additional resources at