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 rotmanTrader connects MATLAB(R) to Rotman Interactive Trader
    RIT = rotmanTrader will create a connection to the Rotman
    Interactive Trader API using the path specified in the Windows
    System registry.
    RIT = rotmanTrader(DLLPATH) connects to Rotman Interactive Trader
    through the DLLPATH specified.  This allows connection to different
    dll locations.
    A connection is required to trade from MATLAB through Rotman
    Interactive Trader.
    rit = rotmanTrader
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Class Details
Superclasses dynamicprops
Sealed false
Construct on load false
Constructor Summary
rotmanTrader connects MATLAB(R) to Rotman Interactive Trader 
Property Summary
Method Summary
  addOrder submits an order to Rotman Interactive Trader. 
  addUpdateFcn adds the function to the list of callbacks 
  addlistener Add listener for event. 
  addprop Add dynamic property to MATLAB object. 
  blotterOrder submits orders using an order blotter to Rotman 
  buy submits a market buy order to Rotman Interactive Trader. 
  cancelOrder cancels an open order using the order id 
  cancelOrderExpr cacnels open orders that satisfy the 
  cancelQueuedOrder cancels an order using the queued order id 
  clearQueuedOrders CLEARQUEUUEDORDERs cancels all queued orders 
  delete stops updates and deletes rotmanTrader object 
  eq == (EQ) Test handle equality. 
  findobj Find objects matching specified conditions. 
  findprop Find property of MATLAB handle object. 
  ge >= (GE) Greater than or equal relation for handles. 
  getOrderInfo returns open order information 
  getOrders returns order id's 
  getSubscriptions returns a table of active subscriptions 
  getTickerInfo returns ticker information as a table 
  gt > (GT) Greater than relation for handles. 
  isOrderQueued returns true or false if the order is queued 
Sealed   isvalid Test handle validity. 
  le <= (LE) Less than or equal relation for handles. 
  limitOrder submits a limit order to Rotman Interactive Trader. 
  lt < (LT) Less than relation for handles. 
  ne ~= (NE) Not equal relation for handles. 
  notify Notify listeners of event. 
  removeUpdateFcn removes the specified function from updates 
  restartTimer will restart the timer for updates if stopped 
  sell submits a market sell order to Rotman Interactive Trader. 
  stopUpdates stops real-time updates by stopping the timer 
  subscribe adds topic to subscription from RIT 
  unsubscribe remove the topic from subscription list 
  update updates subscription data 
Event Summary
ObjectBeingDestroyed Notifies listeners that a particular object has been destroyed. 
PropertyAdded Notifies listeners that a dynamic property has been added. 
PropertyRemoved Notifies listeners that a dynamic property has been removed.