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Dear Kevin Sir

I am an MPhil student at the University of Cambridge and am in the process
of doing my dissertation. I am analysing the transmission of shocks in
international asset markets using a DCC GARCH. I was very keen on exploring
structural breaks >> more

Original post by nandini srivastava

Last post by YUQIAN - 27 Feb 2015 - 1 reply


Does matlab daq toolbox supports clocked operations with ni usb6211 device?
I tried with the simulated device but could not manage to start clocked digital output:
daqControl simply creates a session.

classdef uartSerial
       DC %daqContr >> more

Original post by Bilgehan paray

Last post by Bilgehan paray - 27 Feb 2015 - 1 reply


Getting started with matlab using femincon. Explanation. With. A syntax and an. Easy example

Original post by Aradhana yadav

Last post by Alan_Weiss - 27 Feb 2015 - 1 reply


% Purpose:
% This algorithm decrypts and encrypts images based on keys
% imMat: If the nargin is one, imMat is the filename of the image which
% you would like to encrypt. If the nargin is 4, imMat is the encrypted
% matrix
% >> more

Original post by Manpreet

Last post by Manpreet - 27 Feb 2015


whenever it try to run this code:
% --- Define M
M = [sprintf('%s\t%s\n', 'a', 'b') ...
    sprintf('%s\t%s\n', '011', '10') ...
    sprintf('%s\t%s\n', '001', '10') ...
    sprintf('%s\t%s\n', '112', '4') ...
    sprintf('%s\t%s\n', '015', '2') ...
    s >> more

Original post by norscrown

Last post by norscrown - 27 Feb 2015



I have a signal with two peaks:

   0. >> more

Original post by Tobias

Last post by Tobias - 27 Feb 2015



I need to check each line of a text file to see if it matches any of the words in another text file list.

Here is my code, right now I just get an infinite loop with no matches:

function [points] = fauxHipster(fileID, hipFileID)
fh = fopen(fileID) >> more

Original post by Judy N

Last post by Judy N - 27 Feb 2015


Hi all...

For my research, I need to simulate 'Smart Antennas for Wireless
Networks'. But the problem is that my physical layer code is done in
MATLAB(which is the best tool for that)... I plan to simulate the upper
layers in OPNET/QUALNET.

* But my pro >> more

Original post by pratap
Last post by aftab - 27 Feb 2015 - 2 replies


I have two questions about plots.

I have two matrix X,Y of the same size.

i need to plot curves from them and I use the following code:

hold on

for i=2:10

The problem is that all the curves have the sa >> more

Original post by Luca Cerone

Last post by Christopher Creutzig - 27 Feb 2015 - 7 replies



I have a series of data representing ground elevation along a line (profile) through time. The chainage (length along the profile in metres) is different each year and can be randomly spaced, and so I have interpolated the data onto a 1m spaced grid >> more

Original post by Appin Williamson

Last post by Appin Williamson - 27 Feb 2015 - 4 replies


An initialisation In femincon with a syntax and an easy example.

Original post by sreedhar Panchumarthi

Last post by sreedhar Panchumarthi - 27 Feb 2015


How are we supposed to plot the output characteristics for a BJT, provided multiple graphs corresponding to separate values of base emitter voltage and the base narrowing effect are taken into account, into a single figure window ?

Original post by Himon Bhattacharjee

Last post by Bilgehan paray - 27 Feb 2015 - 1 reply


Could you please tell me why commands that used to work in versions earlier than R2014b, such as:

now do not produce the desired result, and generate the error message

String must have valid interpreter syntax: >> more

Original post by E

Last post by E - 27 Feb 2015


Hello all,
I have tried to connect the variable capacitor block with the simscape components using 'voltage current simscape interface'.But its not working properly.Can anyone help me with a simple circuit with a variable capacitor made with simulink?Than >> more

Original post by Asif Chowdhury

Last post by Asif Chowdhury - 27 Feb 2015


Hello friends:
I am doing a project in Digital video watermarking(Robust watermarking) using
DCT in Matlab could u please send me the code for it. i can send u
specifications of Project.The specifications are .
A. Write a simple program for a robust water >> more

Original post by Sam2000
Last post by Hema S Meharwade

- 27 Feb 2015 - 3 replies


Helloo everyone...
I've a piece of code.. I am struggling to find the logic behind it
what does s=s==1 mean in the below code?
I is an image and EdgeMap is its canny edge map..
Pls help me with the logic behind the code.. especially the step s=s==1 and s( >> more

Original post by Ani

Last post by dpb - 27 Feb 2015 - 5 replies


Let me start off by saying that I am extremely new to MATLAB. I would to use these functions and turn them into a 3d plot using surf. I have already made a mesh grid of my x and y but I am confused on how to plug my gaussian function in as Z. I would like >> more

Original post by Desmond Johnson

Last post by Desmond Johnson - 27 Feb 2015


I'm using tunable inline parameters and Rapid Simulation Target with my simulink model in R2014b. My model compiles and runs without error if I don't pass inline parameters using the rtP structure, but I get a segmentation fault when I do. I have other >> more

Original post by Matthew

Last post by Matthew - 27 Feb 2015 - 1 reply



I need help...

I'm running a script file that will open a GUI to get some information from the user. What I need to know is how do I then output variables from the GUI for use further down the script file?

I've only ever been able to do this by >> more

Original post by Jane

Last post by Joe - 27 Feb 2015 - 7 replies


Please help. I have thousands (literally) of 5-minute, monochrome video clips in a couple of different formats (MJPG, mp4). The video clips are of bats hibernating in a cave. In most of the clips there is little movement (hibernating bats can be very b >> more

Original post by Paul C

Last post by Paul C - 26 Feb 2015


I am trying to read CMORPH precipitation data from NOAA (

After many try, I was not able to manage to read the data and could not understand why. I also search on internet, and did >> more

Original post by martin claverie

Last post by Abanjo - 26 Feb 2015 - 3 replies


Hello All,

I'm trying to optimize a set of way points for a path through a tunnel. This tunnel is described as a solid body from an stl file, and I am currently using the vertices of the stl mesh file as my boundary for my way points.

I already have a v >> more

Original post by Lok Tin Lam

Last post by Lok Tin Lam - 26 Feb 2015 - 2 replies


I want to implement model of supercapacitor in simpowersystems. Given research paper is on following link.
I struck in problem of implementing Voltage dependent part of the model which is Cveq(v >> more

Original post by M. Zahid Sultan

Last post by M. Zahid Sultan - 26 Feb 2015


I am trying to set up mex compiler to enable calling c/C++ from Matlab.

I am running on linux machine (Ubuntu) and using `TRIAL` version of Matlab. `Exactly same code` and `same procedure runs fine` on my other `system which uses a valid matlab` license >> more

Original post by Dushyant

Last post by James Tursa - 26 Feb 2015 - 1 reply


i need the code for shape matrix

Original post by Bhumika

Last post by Petr Dvorak - 26 Feb 2015 - 1 reply

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