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Q:How to detect isdeployed inside mex file?


In the C/C++ file
mexCallMATLAB( nOut__, pOut__, 0, 0, "matlab_function_isdeployed") ;
              int r = *mxGetPr(pOut__[0]) ;
              mexPrintf( " is deploye >> more

Original post by Roee
Last post by Roee - 26 Oct 2014


Hey people,

I tried out 2014b today (Linux version), having high hopes for the new graphics engine. Quick initial impressions aren't great. Good thing: the plots look better on screen. Bad thing: it's deathly slowly for even moderately complicated line p >> more

Original post by Rob Campbell
Last post by Paul Mennen - 26 Oct 2014 - 22 replies


I have written the following codecs in MATLAB: JPEG, EZW, SPIHT, No
List SPIHT (NLS) and Listless SPECK (LSK) code, if any one interested
plz put a mail across.


Original post by Ravi
Last post by hanaa - 25 Oct 2014 - 8 replies


Hello guys,
I have a problem with displaying images their size is as large screensize. My current code is (I have image Img with dimensions N,M):
set(a,'Position', [1 1 M N]);
set(hAx,'Units','Normal >> more

Original post by Pacho Hybsky
Last post by Bruno Luong - 25 Oct 2014 - 4 replies


Hi, I would appreciate some help with a problem I'm having regarding a 3D subplot. I create a 3D plot that updates itself for changing values. It itself works fine, a simple version of the code is underneath. (Maybe it seems too trivial now when I removed >> more

Original post by Hman
Last post by Hman - 25 Oct 2014 - 4 replies


Hello, this is my first post so sorry if it is in the wrong place.

I am trying to import a .txt file into matlab which contains one line header containing words and a couple thousand lines of numbers. I want to import the file and then isolate the number >> more

Original post by Dimitri
Last post by Dimitri - 25 Oct 2014 - 1 reply


I'm trying write a function that it'll ask for function to draw the graph of the given function. I changed "if 'y'; break" part to " if a=='y'; break" ,but I encountered such a question that :

Undefined function 'eq' for input arguments of type 'cell'. >> more

Original post by serdar
Last post by serdar - 25 Oct 2014


Hi everyone,

I have got a simple figure with some points on it. I need to make a curve fit to these points. How can I program with nonlinear regression command case to these points (e.g. nlmefit). Are there any other commands make nonlinear curve fitting >> more

Original post by Behnam
Last post by Behnam - 25 Oct 2014


Hello ,

I've seccessfully downloded matlab 2014b with the license .

When I tried to install Matlab I had this problem at 86%
 "The following error was detected while installing sldo_demos_common: invalid code lengths set Would you like to retry ins >> more

Original post by Mehdi jaiem
Last post by Mehdi jaiem - 25 Oct 2014


I want to calculate R = E (V_k*V_k') and P = E (V_k*a_k), where V_k and a_k are a vector and a scalar in time k, respectively.
How best to do this in MATLAB?


Original post by Elnaz
Last post by Greg Heath - 25 Oct 2014 - 1 reply


Info on example data for Neural Networks can be obtained using the help and doc commands

 help nndatasets

 doc nndatasets

However, the sizes are not given. Below are the commands to obtain the sizes for the regression datasets. Similar commands will y >> more

Original post by Greg Heath
Last post by Greg Heath - 25 Oct 2014


Can someone please explain to me how to connect(in simulink) two or more individual cells in parallel? I can connect two cells in series and then those in parallel and that works but not what I want.

I don't fully understand the explanation from Mathwork >> more

Original post by daniel
Last post by daniel - 24 Oct 2014


R2014b on Mac 10.9 (Mavericks)

I cannot seem to create a figure that features a line with a 'linewidth' < 1 and have it export to EPS or PDF while preserving the thin line's width. Observed both with Preview and Acrobat.

The following creates a figure, >> more

Original post by Alex
Last post by Alex - 24 Oct 2014


I have some *data* structure S that I save in matfile

save xxx.mat -struct s

With V 2014B I get the warning message

Warning: Figure is saved in D:\Documents\MATLAB\XXX.mat.
Loading this file recreates and displays the figure and its contents. Refer to >> more

Original post by Bruno Luong
Last post by Bruno Luong - 24 Oct 2014 - 18 replies


Hello Friends,

I have a large set of overlapping data points that I would like to
plot, and give each data point an alpha of say, 0.25, so we'll have
darker regions where more data points overlap. I can't seem to figure
out how to use the matlab alpha co >> more

Original post by adam
Last post by Iman Anvari - 24 Oct 2014 - 3 replies


Hi all.
I'm new here. I'm working with 3D image data but have relative little algebraic knowledge.

I have two points in 3D space:
- point 1: [x1, y1, z1]
- point 2: [x2, y2, z2]
And I have a radius.

What I want to do is make a circle perpendicular to >> more

Original post by JH6
Last post by Bruno Luong - 24 Oct 2014 - 1 reply


            Abort signal detected at Fri Oct 24 08:54:34 2014

  Crash Decoding : Disabled >> more

Original post by Shun
Last post by James Tursa - 24 Oct 2014 - 1 reply


Dear experts:

I am trying to define a new Complex Continuous wavelet family in the interval [-8 8].

 in order to define a mat-file for my pattern I used pat2cwav and applied it on my reference shape . The result is always a real pattern in the interv >> more

Original post by shirin
Last post by shirin - 24 Oct 2014


How i can make a center tap transformer in matlab simulink can anybody help me ??

Original post by Waqas Amin
Last post by Waqas Amin - 24 Oct 2014


I'm trying to learn about Matlab's Optimization Toolbox. Specifically, I want to know how to use it to optimize a portfolio of stocks. If I have a few dozen stocks with historical prices, how can I use the Optimization Toolbox to find the number of shares >> more

Original post by Ryan
Last post by Ryan - 24 Oct 2014


Hi, I'm working with parfor loop thesedays to make my FEM code more effective. The problem is it takes too much more time in parfor loop compared with juts for loop.

Here is my code where parfor was used:

C = cell(Ne,1) ;
parfor e = 1:Ne
  C{e} = Ke{e}* >> more

Original post by keunsoo Park
Last post by Edric M Ellis - 24 Oct 2014 - 2 replies


I'm trying to convert a cell matrix to a double matrix. It appears that because this cell matrix which is 2048x1 has both positive and negative values, this function does not work.

This is the error appears:

Error in ==> cell2mat at 89
            m >> more

Original post by ALEX
Last post by Steven Lord - 24 Oct 2014 - 1 reply



I’d be interested in suggestions for dealing with an image artifact I find with R2014b on OSX 10.9 that was not present with R2012b on 10.7.

This regards generating heat maps and exporting to Illustrator to make publication-quality images. Using >> more

Original post by Alex
Last post by Alex - 24 Oct 2014



i have a 64x64 image and

i need to make a window of [3 3] for every pixel in my image
so i will apply some certain algorithm on them later ....

 something like that

I1 = unit8(floor(conflict(I, [3 3], 'slideing', mean)))

the resultant I1 is 64x64 >> more

Original post by Twilighter
Last post by Anand g - 24 Oct 2014 - 6 replies


I am importing a shapefile into Matlab (S) and I need to retrieve latitude and longitude coordinates (currently projected - Albers- in planar coordinates). From the projection file (.prj) the Stereographic North Pole projection and its parameters are the >> more

Original post by Eric
Last post by Eric - 24 Oct 2014 - 5 replies

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