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Justin Abbott's Newsreader Profile

Justin Abbott

Location: 38.5299987792969, -77.0199966430664

Personal Profile:

Recovering mathematician turned engineer. My family and I are native Californians eagerly exploring the strange new world that is the Mid-Atlantic.

Professional Interests:
Adaptive signal processing

Number of Posts: 27 messages in 27 threads

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19 Apr 2012 Kelly Kearney
28 May 2009 Ian Bradley fft, phase, lag, phase shift, signal, cos2cosx, co2cosx
28 May 2009 Sven Schulz

Threads Justin Abbott Tagged: 1 - 3 of 4
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13 Mar 2009 ImageAnalyst humor
10 Feb 2009 Steven Lord accumarray
6 Aug 2008 John D'Errico humor

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humor, fitellipse, accumarray
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Author (Roger Stafford)
Author John D'Errico

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26 Dec 2014 John D'Errico
25 Dec 2014 John D'Errico
12 Dec 2014 John D'Errico

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