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Rob Purser's Newsreader Profile

Rob Purser

Location: 42.30080032348633, -71.35118103027344

Personal Profile:

Development Manager, Test and Measurement products for MATLAB and Simulink.

Professional Interests:
data acquisition, instrument control, gpib, serial, visa, tcp/ip

Number of Posts: 164 messages in 164 threads

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Threads Rob Purser Posted To: 1 - 3 of 164
Post Date Subject Most Recent Poster Tags
10 Feb 2012 Chitra data acquisition t..., legacy, sessionbased
22 Dec 2011 lobo_20 analoginput, nidaq, usb6009, data acquisition t..., data acquisition, nidaq, daq, ni usb 6009
6 Jul 2011 Rob Purser analog input, analog output, ai, ao, simultaneously, same time, multithread, data acquisition

Threads Rob Purser Tagged: 1 - 3 of 82
Tagged Date Subject Most Recent Poster Tags They Applied
31 May 2011 esra data acquisition
20 Jul 2011 Mazhar data acquisition
21 Feb 2008 pascal data acquisition, hardware

Rob Purser's Frequently Applied Tags: 1 - 10 of 15
data acquisition, hardware, serial, instrument, instrument control, test, daq, instruments, compactdaq, vehicle network toolbox
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Search tag:hardware
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Search createSession
Search startForeground
Search compactdaq
Search vehicle network toolbox
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Post Date Subject Posted by Tags
28 Mar 2014 Birgir daq, data acquisition t..., data acquisition, mac os x, mex file, data aquisition, digital io, national instrumen..., os x
27 Mar 2014 Rajeev Yadav
27 Mar 2014 mado

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