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This is my first time participating in this contest and I have been
loving every minute of it!

I agree with Stefan's third point: to be able to submit for testing
purposes only and maybe with his first point: to consider code length.


Stefan Stoll wrote:
> Kevin Spiteri wrote:
>> score = result + exp(-1.95 + 0.05*runtime)
> The current top entry contains 1771 lines
> of poorly documented M-code, making it al-
> most impossible to grasp what's being changed
> or added from one entry to the next.
> I admit that all the submitted "spaghetti
> codes" are very good at folding the proteins
> from the contest suite, but I can't escape
> the feeling that most GPRs (good programming
> rules) are completely neglected. To put it
> a bit sharper:
> The contest discourages good programming.
> Don't misunderstand me. I am enjoying the
> contest and facinated by the zoology of
> modules in the current code!
> So what can be improved?
> - Add the length of the p-code of an entry
> to its score. This will favour generic
> and compact solutions.
> - Disclose code of new entries only when
> they are a few hours old. This helps
> participants to stick to their own ideas
> at least for a while before copying the
> tweaks from others into their codes.
> - Let participants submit entries for
> testing purposes only. The scoring
> result will be sent back to the parti-
> cipant per e-mail. So one has time to
> work on an idea before it gets "open
> source". Every fifth contribution (or
> so) of a participant gets included into
> the official ranking, and its code
> disclosed.
> - If the contest should encourage team
> work, why not set up teams that can
> register and share their private ranking
> for a while? One could combine the best
> codes from all private ranking lists into
> an official ranking every couple of
> hours.
> Just ideas...
> Last not least:
> Please provide an entry download button in
> addition to the edit button!
> sTefan