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Thanks Mr Keenan for your words, I can't Imagine why I am unemployed
now !... well, there is improvement possible in my part of code which
can be corrected now and may give less scoring, certainly speed could
also be improved but I see that the real winner will have to find
better sequences, at least in my opinion that's the one who should
win and there is time available for new routines...

things that can be done in my code
1. correct the error of the "Hidrophilic go away" folder
2. select more efficiently the direction to fold (in the HGA); when
we reach the half length of a sequence of zeros, right now I chose
one direction arbitrarily
3. Correct the end of the magic ball, I corrected the beginning and
it improved by 2 points, I expect something similar with the ends

Hey guys, I missed some of the names of the contributors, since we
all re-using the same code I ask every author involved to put your
name, at end Mathworks should give a prize to all of us.

Happy programming... cheers !