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Matthew Simoneau wrote:
> Now the question is, can you think of a
> way for us to plug it? The
> only sure way I can think of is to not
> show error messages, but this
> would make it harder for contestants to
> debug their entries. Can you
> think of any other way?

The plug suggested by Yi Cao by using a really random case as a
filter for the submitted entries, might indeed be the best solution.

One should, however, note that only the Mastermind and Protein
contests have been sensitive to this cheat. The other recent contests
use much larger input variables (a set of real values, a large matrix
of 0/1's) which are more difficult (maybe impossible) to encode in
the 31 characters of a valid fieldname (has this been extended to 63
together with the variable name length in Matlab 6.5?).

Otherwise, one would have to resort to a filter operation on the
error messages, such that the fieldname is not shown. This would,
however, be less informative in case of real errors.