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Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 13:48:54 -0500
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For those of you not following the play-by-play, here's a summary of
the action so far.

Stijn Helsen won the darkness phase of the contest. He had to
develop his entry independently and without the benefit of any
feedback about the actual test suite. We'll send him a MATLAB
Toolkit for his efforts. The darkness phase also saw impressive
submissions from Mike Bindschadler, Roman Akulov, and Andy Mack, all
breaking 1000 points.

Mike Bindschadler won the twilight phase, developing without being
able to see anyone else's. Mike, a new inductee to the Hall of Fame,
will also receive a MATLAB Toolkit. Other contestants who were able
to break the 100-point barrier are Stijn Helsen, Timothy Alderson,
Leendert Combee, Tom Lemke, tuc, and Roman Akulov.

We'll award a daybreak prize of a of a MATLAB coffee mug for the best
entry submitted before 5PM EST today. Good luck!