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Subject: Re: Competitive/cooperative strategies
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The way how to participate has changed over different contests. The
first time I've participated I started with ideas. Ideas grow, and
most of the time I was not submitting code with "my newest ideas".
So I kept something for later. I looked to what was going on, but
most of the time I worked on my own. (It was also with
phone-connection, so connection time was a bit important.)
In that contest it worked too. In some other contests I wanted to do
it the same way, but actively participating became more important
than preparing for the last moment. The ideas that I had also didn't
work as well.
Now, maybe partly because of the darkness period and that I had time
the first day (later I didn't have so much time), I worked something
out. I had some ideas, but didn't find the time and motivation to
work on it. So, from the moment the contest was fully open, I
checked now and then what was sent. (Now and then was in some
periods maybe often (every 5 - 10 minutes or more).)

When the winning entries didn't work anymore here, I didn't look as
much anymore, but I also didn't work on programs anymore. I looked
to older codes, and looked how they worked for different problems.