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Subject: Re: Competitive/cooperative strategies
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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 03:14:14 -0500
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Ned Gulley wrote:
> As the contest is winding down, I wanted to ask people what
> strategies they use as they play. Many of you have participated in
> several contests and have developed some sophisticated strategies.
> Here are a few questions that might get the discussion rolling...
> * How often do you check for changes in the current leader as you
> work on your own entry?
this game is so absorbing, i cannot stop thinking of it all day and
night.... by continuously checking the winning entry, and to
prototyping my own idea, to see there is added-value to the current

> * Do you have a "watch list" of people whose algorithms you make
> sure
> to look at?
sure, like stij, mike, cao yi, ..... but eventually i see some
brilliant ideas from some new comers. And generally, several top
entries are checked....

> * Do you save up changes for submitting at the last minute just
> before the contest ends?
no, at least for this game. And actually I am sleeping when the game
enters into the final day..

> * Are you an "active lurker" in the sense that you don't enter the
> contest, but you work hard to understand what's going on?
no, I think i am an active participant

> * Do you ignore the competitive aspect of the contest and just try
> to
> add value?

not fully ignore, some midstage prizes are certainly incentives for
me to develop/watch continuously. But most of time, I think I am
motivated by how can I further push the limit...

> * Do you think the contest has a good balance between competition
> and
> cooperation?

I don't know, I think I learn much from the game, and learn how
competitive some top matlabers are ....