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Subject: Re: Competitive/cooperative strategies
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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 15:14:27 -0500
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This contest was a little different for me since I did not have
Matlab available. This resulted in mostly tweaking of other peoples
code. Usually I try to develope my own algorithms and then try to
introduce them when I feel that they can give a boost to the top
score. Unfortunately I missed a large part of the beginning in this
contest, this lead to even less development of my own code.

What I did (partly instead of Matlab programming) was to write a
script that automatically downloaded and compared two entries agains
eachother using diff. I did not use it more than a couple of times
but it was quite fun to see which variables that where subjected to

As to my own algorithms I had an idea of using Zobrist hashing to
keep track of the "board" position, score, route etc. and then use
Dynamic programming to find the best solution. I did not get very
far however, my best entry was the basic solver where each position
was stored in a hashtable. They where then compared and any
repetitions were removed (much like in the function checksummer).

As mentioned earlier I think revarding the person who spends most
total time in the lead is a good idea.

I would also like to see the twilight zone last 3-4 days to give more
time for individual effords.

If the extreme overfitting to the contest suite could be avoided that
would be great but I can't see how that should be done.

As usually I had great fun.
See you all sometime around April -05