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Subject: Re: Competitive/cooperative strategies
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Ned Gulley wrote:
> As the contest is winding down, I wanted to ask people what
> strategies they use as they play. Many of you have participated in
> several contests and have developed some sophisticated strategies.
> Here are a few questions that might get the discussion rolling...
> * How often do you check for changes in the current leader as you
> work on your own entry?
At least twice a day.

> * Do you have a "watch list" of people whose algorithms you make
> sure
> to look at?
Yes, sure. Also because this, I have to use anonymous submission to
test my code before I am sure it works.

> * Do you save up changes for submitting at the last minute just
> before the contest ends?
Not really. I was not ready to submit my code at the end.

> * Are you an "active lurker" in the sense that you don't enter the
> contest, but you work hard to understand what's going on?
No. I worked hard to develop my own code but was not satisfied with
it at the end.

> * Do you ignore the competitive aspect of the contest and just try
> to
> add value?
Not this time. In most previous contests, I did.

> * Do you think the contest has a good balance between competition
> and
> cooperation?
I don't think so. Competition is always overweighted, particularly at
the last minute. Cooperation is very trivial. I also do not see any
cooperation channel practically operable. Maybe, some discussions in
the News Group can be counted as this, but most of them are about
past not future. Originally, I think big push prize may motivate
cooperation. But, it did not happen.

> As always, thanks for playing.
> -Ned Gulley.
> Contest Team
> The MathWorks, Inc.