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eigenvector wrote:
> Hi,
> My entries keep failing with the following message:
> "Error using ==> error Not enough input arguments."
> Now, I tried them on two different machines locally (using
> different
> versions of Matlab) and everything is ok. But when I submit I get
> crashed. Absolutely exasperating.
> Perhaps somebody woule kindly suggest a hint as to where I am
> goofing...
> Apparently this is related to the funciton ERROR but it's
> disabled...
> so what's going on?
> Thanks!


I noticed your problem yesterday, but I didn't say anything in hopes
someone more knowledgeable would help you figure it out. I am
guessing here, but it might have something to do with version 2006a's
way of treating percent signs. Is it possible that in the new
release, you can open a comment and close it on the same line by
using two percent signs?

My advice is to remove all the lines with the 'error' function
entirely to be safe, but if you want to leave it in, it couldn't hurt
to try deleting (or adding another) one of the percent signs.

Good luck!