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On 2006-04-09 14:52 eigenvector said the following:
> Hi,
> My entries keep failing with the following message:
> "Error using =3D=3D> error Not enough input arguments."
> Now, I tried them on two different machines locally (using different
> versions of Matlab) and everything is ok. But when I submit I get
> crashed. Absolutely exasperating.
> Perhaps somebody woule kindly suggest a hint as to where I am
> goofing...
> Apparently this is related to the funciton ERROR but it's disabled...
> so what's going on?
> Thanks!

You=B4re not allowed to use error() in the contest. From the contest home=

  The following are prohibited:

     * MEX-files
     * Java commands or object creation
     * eval, feval, assignin, etc.
     * inline, function handles, anonymous functions, etc.
     * computer, ispc, which, exit, more, edit, inmem, etc.
     * Shell escape such as !, dos, unix
     * Handle Graphics commands
     * ActiveX commands
     * File I/O commands
     * Debugging commands
     * Printing commands
     * Simulink commands
     * Benchmark commands such as tic, toc, flops, clock, pause
     * error, lasterr, etc.
     * persistent