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Hi Contest_Guy

runcontest will try to grade all the boards in the testsuite, most
likely you are getting this warning in other thanthe first board.


Contest_Guy wrote:
> I am just doing some preliminary test from the .zip files I
> downloaded and I am looking at the first board from the testsuite.
> I
> use for moves in the solver
> 'moves[1 1 0]'
> and I get the following error when I run 'runcontest':
> 'Warning: You cannot pop single blocks.
>> In C:\MATLAB6p5\work\Matcon13\blockbuster\grade.m at line 49
> In C:\MATLAB6p5\work\Matcon13\blockbuster\runcontest.m at line
> 42'
> It should not say that I cannot pop single blocks as I checked the
> data for the first board. There is a '3' in position (1,1) followed
> by a '3' in position (2,1) and according to the rules I am allowed
> to
> pop two or more contiguous blocks in a N-E-W-S direction. Can you
> please tell me what's going on?