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I disagree to David, who was one of the spammers, in some points!

> I don't think we need to limit the entries per person, since our
> friend Don Antonio didn't gain much from his voluminous
> submissions.

Even if he didn't gain anything, the queue was sometimes overfull and
as well the list of submissions.

> I think we also saw Tim submit under two different aliases (the
> cyclist and utr), so it would be very difficult for the Contest
> Team to enforce this kind of rule.

But if they track the submitting IP adress it would at least mean
much more effort to do spamming. Or if you have to copy a number from
an image as spam prevention, even Don Antonio would get weak hands
after his first hundred submissions.
> I think obfuscation is part of the contest, and it is interesting
> how
> it comes and goes at various points. Trying to make a

But it definitely decreases the fun a contest makes. It is about
programming and algorithms, not about decrypting code, right?

> matter of variable names. Especially when you are already familiar
> with the key algorithms from earlier in the competition, it may not
> be that hard to figure out.

But how to get familiar if you start later into the contest and
submissions 1 to 263 are obfuscated??
All scripts should run through an obfuscator before being evaluated,
so that there is no positive effect on computation time.

The contest team should disqualify all obfuscated versions, at least
those that are on top when a phase ends. In the next contest, I mean.