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Subject: Re: Using MATLAB for presentations
Date: 29 May 1997 15:09:48 GMT
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Ethan Montag ( wrote:
: I would like to take advantage of this and use MATLAB to present images
: for my research.  However, I would like to remove menus and frames and
: present images on black or other colored backgrounds.  I would also like
: to be able to record responses while this is going on (key presses,
: mouse button, etc).

You can do all of these things in MATLAB 5.  To make a window
without a menubar, set the figure 'menubar' property to the value
'none'.  You can get rid of all window frames by creating a figure
whose position is the screensize.  Below is an example of how to
create a window with a black background that fills the entire screen
and shows no frames or menus (at least under Windows and unix):

f = figure('menubar', 'none',...  % turn off menubar
           'color', 'black',...   % make black background
           'position', get(0,'screensize'),... % fill the screen
           'windowbuttondownfcn', 'MousePressCallback',...
	   'keypressfcn', 'KeyPressCallback');

The strings: 'MousePressCallback' and 'KeyPressCallback' are the names
of m-file functions you create to process key and mouse presses.
For more information, consult the online help-desk and the MATLAB 5 Graphics
Users' Guide.

Hope this helps,
Dave Foti        
The MathWorks, Inc.
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