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Jeff Fletcher wrote:
> Does anybody have any more information about when the ability to
> control ICP/IEPE on NI 44XX products will be added to the DATB? We
> have requested this feature repeatedly since the beginning. We
> developed a work around for Traditional NI-DAQ using the generic
> interface (will share with anyone interested), and have code to do
> the same with NI-DAQmx but the current version DATB resets the
> board
> upon start and reserves the hardware resources. This means that
> even
> though we can control the ICP power, it gets reset whenever the
> start function is called, and you can't get at the hardware to
> change
> the IEPE power. It is not a difficult fix, the DATB supports ICP
> power on Agilent boards, but possibly we just need more people to
> request it. So far as we can figure out, with the current version
> of
> the DATB you cannot use any of the NI products (any bus) with ICP
> power if you need to control the state of the power. A real shame
> considering the potential applications for these boards.
> Any suggestions on how this might be accomplished would be greatly
> appreciated. Also, we will collaborate with any one working on the
> same issue(s).

Does this mean that ICP power is always turned OFF in the NI board?