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MatLab wrote:
> That's what somebody at work told me a day or so ago. He said that
> I
> could create stand-alone excutables with the mcc command in MatLab.
> I
> told another guy who was helponig me with MatLab, that I used the
> compiler that was built into my MatLab v7.0. He said that he
> thought
> even with version 7.0 an add on compiler was needed. I have
> successfully created an excutable with the mcc function of MatLab.
> My
> new question is this what is meant by a stand alone excutable.
> Also,
> whenever I tried running the excutable on another computer that
> didn't have MatLab, the file didn't work.
> sandeep patil wrote:
>> hi,
>> you can use the command( in matlab): mcc
>> Madincea Vasile wrote:
>>> there is no free compiler, only the compiler from the
> mathworks,
>>> for
>>> which you need a license...
>>> Ender wrote:
>>>> I am trying to convert matlab.m files into stand-alone
>>> excutables.
>>>> I
>>>> was told by numerous people that a compiler was needed
> do
>>> this.
>>>> I
>>>> want to know if there is a free compiler that will
> me
>> to
>>>> create
>>>> these types of files. Also, if there is a compiler that
> does
>> this
>>>> are
>>>> there directions or an example that could show me how
>> create
>> a
>>>> excutable out of my pre-existing matlab .m file?
>>>> -Ender-

From what I've read in other threads relating to the compiler you
have to install a redistributable package on every computer you want
to run your compiled program on.

If you're looking for a free alternative to the compiler you should
probably be coding in a different language. ;)

- M