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Okay, to clear a few things up.

In order to compile a function or set of functions in Matlab, you
must have the compiler toolbox installed on whatever version you are
using; if it works, then you obviously have the toolbox installed.

To actually compile it, the command is 'mcc -m myfunction'

In order to distribute this executable to other machines, the Matlab
Component Runtime (MCR) corresponding to the Matlab version in which
the executable was compiled must first be installed.

This can be found in the matlab directory, then
\toolbox\compiler\deploy\win32\. The file itself is called
MCRInstaller.exe, and is approximately 150Mb.

If an executable is compiled with one version of matlab, and the MCR
is from a different version, it WILL NOT WORK.

Once you have the MCR installed, executing the file of your code will
take a while; the first time it runs, it will extract a few files
into a folder. On exploring this, you will see that they are similar
to matlab .m files (or .fig if you are using GUIs), but the code is

In order to successfully run your code executable, I believe you need
four things; the MCR installed, the mycode.exe, the mycode.ctf, and
possibly the mycode.prj

Kind Regards