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Marco D'Angelo wrote:
> Chris Cottingham wrote:
>>>> Whenever I run my excutable, the program creates a mcr
> file.
>> I
>>>> looked
>>>> in the \toolbox\compiler\deploy
>>>> but there was no Win32 file. There were other files in
> the
>> deploy
>>>> subfolder, but they were all .m and .fig files. Why is
>> that
>>>> whenever I created the mcr file that it did not also
> create
>> the
>>>> Win32
>>>> file?
>> Sorry, that's the wrong directory. I mean the actual matlab
>> folder...
>> as in C:\Matlab73\toolbox\compiler\deploy\win32
>>> Also, I have successfully run the excutable in another
>> with
>>> just the .ctf and the .exe file. Whenever I run the file,
>>> creates
>>> the mcr file. Is my excutable able to run with just these
> files
>>> because I already have MatLab on my computer or is it
> I
>>> have
>>> all the files that the excutable originally created in
> another
>>> folder
>>> or is it possible that the excutable is able to run as is
> with
>> just
>>> the above files?
>> I suspect that it is just because matlab of the same version as
> the
>> version used to create the executable is already installed on
>> system; part of your system admin's installation procedure
>> include the installation of the Matlab Component Runtime
> Hi guys,
> I'm writing you to ask for some suggest concerning with matlab
> compiler. I have both MLAB 6.5 and the 7.2 version. One the first
> one
> I've the compiler toolbox installed, but not on the 7.2.Anyway I've
> tried - under the 6.5- to compile a scripted .m program file using
> the mcc command, but I was told that mcc command doesn't suite .m
> files. What could I do?What am I missing?
> Thx for you attention.
> Best regards,
> M.D.

Did you first turn the .m file into a function file?